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Bianca Strzalkowski

Primary Branch Marine Corps
Primary Duty Station Camp Lejeune
Bianca Strzalkowski
ABOUT Bianca Strzalkowski

Bianca Strzalkowski is a proud Marine Corps wife of 12 years, and in May 2011 she was named the Military Spouse of the Year (MSOY) by Military Spouse magazine (MSM). As a military wife and mother of three, Bianca has spent her time volunteering with various organizations, such as the U.S. Veteran Corps, National Military Family Association and the Marine Corps’ Family Readiness program. As a LINKS mentor, she traveled the East Coast to educate spouses on the various aspects of military life. Because of her volunteerism, the Commandant of the Marine Corps awarded her with a Certificate of Commendation.
In response to an increasing need for educational opportunities for her peers, she created the Military Spouse Education Initiative. With her own student experience as a reference, Bianca believes it is possible for spouses to achieve their own goals around the obstacles of military life. This January she launched a website devoted to providing resources specific to military spouse education:
In addition to increasing programming for spouses, Bianca has appeared in media interviews, such as Fox & Friends and CNN Newsroom, and is a guest writer for The Huffington Post. Currently, she is stationed at Marine Corps Air Station New River, Jacksonville, NC where she serves on the Onslow County Civic Affairs Committee and is a contributor for Lifetime TV.
Bianca is a student at the University Of Maryland University College, majoring in Business Administration and Journalism.

Twitter: @BiancaSki

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