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10 Creative Ways to Say I Love You From the Homefront

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One of the challenges of deployment as a spouse is finding a creative way to express how much you miss your servicemember. Of course you’re going to send a care package filled with a bunch of goodies, but that’s pretty much expected. You, being the super spouse that you are, want to do something that is unique and will keep them smiling until the next expression of love arrives. And with the holidays right around the corner, anything that makes that box extra special is definitely worth the time and effort. Well, here are some suggestions that I’ve come up with, with some help from the guys over at MANning the Homefront:

10.  Celebrate Your Anniversary

Anniversary coming up and you can’t celebrate in your normal romantic fashion? Do the next best thing….celebrate by yourself! Ladies, put on that beautiful dress that makes his face light up like a teenage boy on prom night. Guys, dust off that nice shirt that’s been in the back of the closet while you’ve opted for t-shirts and football jerseys. Take some nice pictures to show your spouse that even though they are far away, you are still celebrating your love for each other. If you normally get (or for the fellas, give) flowers, be sure to take a picture holding that special bouquet.

9.  It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time

If your spouse is anything like mine, they absolutely love Girl Scout cookies. In my house, we typically have to place separate orders because we don’t like to share! Order their favorite kind so they don’t miss out on those extra pounds that we all look forward to gaining each year from those awesome cookies! For bonus points, send a few extra boxes for them to share with their friends.  If you are reading this during the time of year when we are all just dying for those little sweeties to knock on our door asking for orders, substitute GS Cookies with any other favorite food… but still send the extras!

8.  Strike up the Band

Does your spouse have a favorite local band? Ask them to do a special video tribute. You compensate them for their time with some money (which no local band could possibly have enough of!) and they help you with a personalized token of your love. Everybody wins!

7.  Create a Website

Have a spouse who loves social networking and surfing the internet? Purchase their name as a website. Then, find some creative reason to convince them to Google their name or navigate to the site. Me, I’d tell my wife that someone stole a bunch of pictures from her Facebook page and created a website pretending to be her! I know it sounds crazy, but I could get her to believe it! Fill the website with your declaration of love and other things they would find special. Perfect for a birthday surprise and the cost is minimal.  Note: Remember Personal Security (PERSEC) and never post information that could lead someone to your home or children on a public site.

6.  Make It Personal

Take advantage of the thousands of fun options that the website Fiverr has to offer. Starting at $5, you can get a great personalized gift. The ideas range from funny personalized videos to audio messages delivered in her favorite cartoon voice. My wife loved the cartoon I had created from a picture of our family (you can see it here) and it’s something that she can keep for years to come.


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