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35 Things Military Spouses DO Say (And Say Often)

Erin Whitehead
tagged: military life, humor
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Well, folks…we have to give you credit!  You shared our 35 Things Military Spouses NEVER Say article so many times, that in less than 24 hours, it became the 3rd MOST popular online article we have ever shared with you!  And then, we got a request!  (Thanks, Rachel Preen!) What about a list of things military spouses DO say?!  Well, we aim to please.  Our trio of spouses put their heads together and had a blast creating a list we think you will love and share!  What would YOU add to this list?

35 Things Military Spouses DO Say (And Say Often)

35) Hey, I don’t like her but she PCS’s next month.

34) I live on base… can you just let me through this ONCE?

33) I have an unhealthy relationship with my phone.

32) I’ll believe the return date/time when he/she is standing in front of me.

31) Move over, let me change that tire!

30) My kids never cease to amaze me.

29) I got this!

28) I have 12 sets of curtains to fit whatever house we end up in next.

27) I hope this phone is steam proof… I may need to take it in the shower with me.

26) I can fit a cake in a mason jar, heck I could probably bake a cake in a test tube if needed.

25) I have, like, three Scentsy consultants.

24) I haven’t lived in my home of record state for twenty years.

23) I multi-task so often that when I go to bed, I have three different dreams… at once!

22) Does anyone have any extra Sharpies, tape and custom forms.

21) I broke my web cam using Skype.  And no, don’t ask.

20) Where are my coupons?

19) Don’t forget your PT gear!

18) What time is it in Afghanistan?

17) No, I haven’t seen your cover!

16) I’d like to take the groceries out to my car myself please.

15) Do you offer a military discount?

14) We just moved to this installation.  Where is, well… everything!

13) Ya'll are gonna have to wipe with napkins… I am NOT going to the commissary on pay day!


11) Crap.  Our king bed won’t fit in this house!

10) We will just celebrate Christmas in July!

9) Damn.  I called at 7:05 instead of 7:00… now there are no appointments at the clinic for today!

8) What can I make with ½ bag of noodles, mustard and apples?

7) O’Dark WHAT?

6) My sponsors last four are…

5) I might need some Xanax

4) Who decided to close the back gate?

3) I do not feel like going to the FRG meeting tonight!

2) Don’t make me Skype your father!!

1) How do I do it?  One day at a time… because I LOVE him/her.


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