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5 Things Guaranteed to Happen During Deployment

Erin Whitehead
tagged: deployment, coping
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Photo by Ami Parrish

The Deployment Curse. We’ve all heard about it. Many of us have experienced it. And most of us have even learned to laugh about it at some point during (or maybe months or years after) a deployment.  

In my experience, it seems like certain things are simply destined to happen... any time my husband is gone for more than two minutes. They are:


5) An appliance or important electronic device will explode. OK, so maybe there won't be an actual explosion, but don't rule it out. The point is that in all likelihood a major appliance/electronic device will probably have a major issue during deployment. You may come home to find the dishwasher has flooded your kitchen. Or right before you get ready to prepare the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, the oven will keel over. And don't forget that somehow, the children will re-program all of the TVs to speak in Spanish with subtitles. Just look at these things as an opportunity to learn a new skill... like plumbing.


4) Your kids will have moments where you wonder if they were switched at birth. Certainly your perfectly behaved, rational child can't be having that meltdown, right? Weren't they completely potty-trained before Dad left? Then why are you washing sheets again every day? And someone had to have abducted your teenager and replaced him with that moody smart-talker who suddenly lives down the hall. Deployments affect kids too, but often times in different ways, and at different times than they affect us. By mid-deployment you may have hit your stride, having everything together. That might be the time when your kids just start showing signs of deployment stress. Keep the lines of communication open (yes, even with the teenager), encourage them to engage in activities as much as possible, and try to have a little more patience without allowing bad behaviors to go unpunished. A piece of cake, right?!



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