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6 Tips For Healthy Eating in the New Year

Olivia Smith
tagged: food, wellness
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The New Year is upon us and serves as a time to reflect on the changes we want to make in our future, as well as the previous changes in the years gone by.  For some people, the phrase “out with the old, in with the new” holds true.  For others, it’s about making a fresh start with goals that have never been thought of.  Despite the obstacles we may encounter on a daily basis as military spouses, we are exceptional at achieving our goals.  Thinking outside the box when it comes to working towards our resolutions is a trait we grow to master as the years go by.

The goal of losing weight and eating healthier is probably the number one resolution on everyone’s list year after year.  As spouses, it is one that requires patience mixed in with determination.  We scour all the department stores for some new work out gear.  We call the base/post gym and ask about the classes they offer.  We even go as far as to correlate our new found exercise schedule with our spouse’s off duty hours (for those of us who have children).  On that first day, we are so pumped up and ready to go.  We put on our brand new exercise outfit, prepare our water bottles, ipods, and gym bag, make sure dinner or breakfast is prepared for our loved ones, and that all the household chores are finished before we go.

Then it happens.  The baby starts running a 101 degree fever, our spouse calls to tell us that they are going to be working a few extra hours, and the neighbor comes over unexpectedly to borrow a cup of sugar for some cookies she is making for her husband’s shop.   You give the baby some medicine and text your spouse to let them know dinner will be in the fridge…all the the while carrying on a conversation with said neighbor about said cookies.  You begrudgingly come to terms with the fact that starting that new workout schedule is going to be harder then you thought.  It will not be impossible; however, it will be tough to find the time.

The above scenario has happened to me more times then I can count.  One thing I have learned from it all is that even though the ‘exercise’ part of things didn’t always work out, the ‘healthy eating’ part still needed attention.  I may not be able to always control the availability of my workouts, however, I can control how and what types of foods I eat from day to day.



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