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Six Things Every Military Spouse Should Know: Seasoned Spouses Dish

Nicole Hempeck
tagged: spouses 101
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Military life is not for the faint of heart. Being a military spouse requires unending patience, the ability to adapt and endure as well as the initiative to jump in with both feet. Seasoned spouses have learned well what is needed to make it all work. Here’s some wisdom we want to share: 

Independence is Key      
“Believe in your strength and ability to handle whatever the military puts on your plate.” Melissa, Marine Spouse

“Learn independence, you CAN pay the bills, fix a flat or move across the country by yourself, with kids and even animals in tow. Why? Because you are an amazing, resilient, strong capable… wife!”  ~Jennifer M. , Navy Spouse

Flexiblity is a Must

“Write everything that involves your husband’s schedule into your planner in pencil. It isn’t a matter of if it will change; it is when it will change. Learn to expect the unexpected.” ~Tina P., Navy Spouse

“Flexibility is a must! Plans, schedules, deployments, leave dates, etc…they all can change from one day to the next. Be ready for change at a moments notice, stay positive.” ~Kristi L. , Navy Spouse

Empower Yourself

“Make your own life...don't drive yourself crazy trying to accommodate their (the service member’s) ever-changing schedules.”

 ~Heather D., Navy Spouse

“Learn about what your service member does in the military because that understanding will help you not take their military demands personally.”

~Melissa, Marine Spouse

“When you know you are going to PCS… find out as much as possible about the place you are moving before you get there! This will make life much easier.” ~Ateacherof6, MilSpouse forums


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