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Bakers Dozen... FINAL Response to "12 Jobs"

Babette Maxwell
tagged: opinion, employment, military life
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Editorial by: Babette Maxwell, Founder, Military Spouse Magazine

Sigh.  We’ve all read the original article.  We’ve read a few rebuttals.  We’ve read’s editor, Katie Bugbee, discuss how the list was intended to be creative solutions that spouses could turn into their own businesses (and I AM paraphrasing here).  But, it seems, based on reader comments and emails, and phone calls, that there is still some mass upset regarding the article, and the follow-up pieces.   Frankly, I’m not letting this sleeping dog lie…I’m too passionate about it and I’ve been around long enough to know where we used to be, how far we’ve come and where we are now. 

To clear one minor detail up…the original article was NOT Military Spouse Magazine’s.  It was who commissioned the original piece.

It’s very easy to say that you’re sorry.  And, I genuinely believe is sorry.  I also think they are covering their hind end.  Nowhere in the original article did I read anything about starting a business.  In fact, the original file only mentions the word “creative” one time…in reference to being a Gift Basket Creator.  (Wonders if she meant basket WEA-ver, or putting baskets together…)  There were no resources for how to start a business at all.  There were no helpful steps to turning your creativity into a money making business.  Please.

In my very humble and completely honest opinion, the article reads to me, and several of our own editors, as if written by two separate people:  the first half reads like other things the bylined writer has written.  The rest reads as if written by the most detached-from-the-military-spouse-community person, ever.  It’s like they started in one direction with the article and ended up somewhere else entirely. 

I get where is coming from.  They are a for-profit business trying to keep money flowing, and they want folks to visit their site.  I get that.  But for the love of Pete, figure out WHO you are talking to!


I want more stuff like this!

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