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Eight Ways to Find Your New Best Friends

Julie Steed
tagged: friendship
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You’re new. You know nobody. Here’s expert advice on making friends at your new location.


I recently made my 10th move as a military spouse. You’d think I’d be able to find friends in a snap. Truth is, I’m an introvert. I have a lot of trouble walking up to a stranger and initiating conversation.

This last move has been especially tough. We live far from post, and the military families in my neighborhood are spread out and difficult to find. Each of us fights our own battles as we seek new friendships, so I asked other milspouses to tell me how they find friends. This is what I learned:


1  Join a Special Interest Group

What’s your passion? Seek others with similar interests to jump-start your search for friends. A group that shares your goals or hobbies can bring connections that blossom into solid friendships.


It Works For These Spouses. . .

Army spouse Wesley Buchta finds a common bond in a mid-week Bible study group on post in Germany. “That is where we have found a great deal of the lasting friendships here in Schweinfurt,” Buchta tells Military Spouse.

Brian Watson, an Air Force spouse, plays golf. It’s helped connect him with people at multiple duty stations.

Kama Shockey, Marine Corps spouse (and this issue's cover model), seeks a gym with a running club. She says a positive group of women with common fitness goals can be really helpful when her spouse is deployed.


2  Create Your Own Group

Can’t find an existing group that suits your needs? Create one. Starting a special interest group gives you full reign over everything from activities to meeting schedules.


It Works For This Spouse. . .

“I started a ‘lunch bunch’ here at our latest duty station. I am planning to do the same thing at our next base,” says Navy spouse Kristin McNab. “We meet each week at the same time and change the location, so we can try different lunch places or visit different local parks and siteseeing locations.”


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