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Finding Home - Chapter 5

Siobhan Fallon
tagged: fiction
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Chapter 5

by Siobhan Fallon, Army spouse

Val walked into the living room hoping for a hot dinner. She had a newspaper opened to the job listings under her arm, wanting Lucy to see that she’d been productively searching for work. She stopped when she saw Luce hunched at the window, one corner of the curtain lifted.

“What’s up?” Val asked.


Val peered out at a black Buick across the street.

“It’s been there for ten minutes,” Lucy whispered.

“Oh my God, you don’t think it’s…”

“NO! Don’t even say it.”

Lucy stared at her sister, pale and wild-haired, as if that was exactly what she’d been thinking. “No, of course not. There is no way they would just sit in the car like that. Unless they are waiting for official word. Or a chaplain. Oh, damn, I have no idea.”

She looked at Val with hope. “Maybe you owe somebody money?”

“I do not!” Val watched the car. The windows were tinted, the hubcaps new. It exuded all the quite menace of the secret service or Russian gangsters.

“Five more minutes and I call the cops.”

The driver’s door opened. Lucy dropped the curtain.

“What? Who is it?” Val asked, panicking.

Lucy stared, just as confused as before. “It’s Dad.”

They were standing on the stoop by the time he got there. “What’s wrong, Dad? Did you hear something about Jim? About Billy?” Lucy asked.

But their father was grinning. And he was wearing a pink polo shirt.

“Lovely Lucille!” He said, throwing his arms wide. “Vivacious Valerie!”

The girls exchanged glances. “Are you feeling OK?” Val asked.

Lucy crossed her arms suspiciously. “Did I miss the family memo that told everyone to wash up on my doorstep without any kind of warning?”


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