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HomeFront Rising - A Ground Breaking Seminar for Military Spouses

Kate Reimann
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HomeFront Rising

Photo Credit: Sarah Butcher

HomeFront Rising promised to be a ground-breaking seminar introducing military spouses to a crash-course in politics and campaigning, and last Tuesday, it delivered. 

The powerhouse event, co-conceived by InGear and MSJDN, was attended by close to seventy military spouses at the Reserve Officers Association in the heart of DC.  With the number of panels, speakers and valuable knowledge and insight presented by the speakers, the event could have easily spanned a week, but instead, the turn arounds were fast and speakers often ushered from the panel or podium to make way for other equally impressive names, fitting the seminar nicely, if a bit hurriedly, into an 8:30am-5pm day. 

In case you missed the star-studded lineup of political heavy weights and DC insiders, here are some highlights of the day and the major takeaways the day’s speakers and panelists.

Congresswoman Niki Tsongas: “Women can’t win if women don’t run”

The representative from Massachusetts set the tone for the day by starting out strong.  Encouraging spouses to run, she fielded a question from the audience asking how military spouses can go from ground zero to running for political office given the transient nature of military life.  Her response: “No matter what we’re doing at the policy level, we can make an extraordinary difference on the ground.”

Crafting Your Pitch Panel: Joel Silberman, Democracy Partners

Mr. Silberman, a media trainer and message strategist, encouraged military spouses to remember that values unite, while issues divide.  Regardless of your resume, as a military spouse, you can connect to voters through the values you all share, he adds. Use the issue to build your sixty second “elevator pitch” that explains who you are and what you stand for, and build relationships everywhere you go.



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