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I Needed a Good Cry

Erin Whitehead
tagged: military life
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I just finished watching the ceremony at Andrews where the bodies of four Americans, Old Glory now draped over their caskets, were returned home to our soil.  I listened as our President spoke, I heard the National Anthem play, and saw the Marines salute and then return the patriots back to the hearses that would transport them to a final resting place.  I thought back to all of the events that have been in the forefront of the news for the past week. 

And I wept.

It was cathartic.

Because as an American and a military spouse, this has been a hard week.  Honestly, I dreaded turning on the computer and the news every morning.  There were many times when I wanted to go on a news strike (and for several hours, I did)… but there are some things that are too important to simply ignore.  And this week, I chose not to bury my head in the sand.

So seeing that ceremony just hit me like a ton of bricks… a somber ending to a week that I hope will see some relief by the time we all clock in for another Monday morning.

I wept for those four Americans.

I wept for the thousands of Americans who have died over the past decade.

I wept that because there are thousands of them, they are not all honored with news coverage in that way.

I wept for the thousands of families who have lost someone.

I wept for the good people of those Middle Eastern countries who do not want this kind of violence.

I wept for our country as a whole.

And I wept for the community I hold so dear, the military community.


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