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Top 20 Miliitary Spouse Friendly Employers - 2012

Military Spouse Staff
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Our official list of America’s Top 20 Military Spouse-Friendly Employers for 2012!

Welcome to Military Spouse magazine’s fifth annual list of Military Spouse-Friendly Employers. We’re once again putting the spotlight on companies that actively hire military spouses and work to keep them on board through the challenges of deployments and PCS moves.

Each year, we seek out the best places for military spouses to find employment, assessing these employers based on many factors. Among the most critical are these:

  • Are they actively recruiting and hiring military spouses?
  • What is their current percentage of military spouse employees?
  • How do they approach workforce development and the retention of military spouse employees?
  • Do they have policies in place to support military spouses during deployments, PCS moves and other challenges that military life can bring?

Some of the companies that rank highest in our analysis are ones that have military families as their customers. USAA, TriWest, AAFES and more: These organizations understand the rhythms of military life, and they know first-hand the impressive capability of many military spouses. They’re also aware that no one can understand and serve their customers better than the customers themselves.

Others companies appearing in our Top 20 operate entirely in the civilian world. Although they may not be part of the military community, they’ve discovered what we’ve always known: Hiring military spouses is good for business. This varied and talented workforce is made up of people with experience responding quickly to change, juggling multiple responsibilities and taking obligations seriously.

Increased awareness at these organizations has eliminated old roadblocks to military spouse hiring. Companies like Sears, T-Mobile, Verizon and RE/MAX, with numerous locations nationwide, have found that moving a good employee from location to location isn’t really all that complicated. Staffing firms like Adecco or Kelly Services embrace the idea of working with military spouses, many of whom find that temp assignments fits their lifestyle well.

Meaningful Change

When we began tracking Military Spouse-Friendly Employers five years ago, many companies were new to thinking of military spouses as a distinct workforce. As the years have passed, that has dramatically changed.

Last spring, the White House launched the Joining Forces initiative to bring the subject of military spouse hiring directly to America’s corporations. Several months later, President Obama issued a blunt challenge to U.S. companies: Hire or train 100,000 veterans and military spouses by the end of 2013.

We are closely tracking corporate America’s response to that challenge. And we will continue acknowledging the employers that understand the value of hiring military spouses and working to educate those that have yet to actively recruit from this valuable pool of talent.

On the following pages you’ll find details on the companies that ranked in our Top 20. Not planning to job hunt in 2012? This list can still work for you: Read on to find our advice on preparing to enter, or perhaps to re-enter, the work force with these companies in the future.


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