Megan Power’s military spouse career story begins like many. She had a successful career in recruiting, but when she and her now-husband had to move for him to attend Navy flight school, a nearby office was not available and she had to search for a new job. Where Power’s story takes a happy turn, though, is when she contacted Amazon via LinkedIn. “I was researching companies that had the potential of hiring remote recruiters, and reached out to one of Amazon’s recruiting managers on LinkedIn,” she recalls. “In my initial contact with Gen Harrison-Doss, I sent my resume, expressed my eagerness to become an asset at Amazon and explained my circumstances as a military spouse.”

Coincidentally, Harrison-Doss’ husband also is military and she worked remotely. Within weeks, Power was in Seattle for an onsite interview. Amazon warmly received Power, her background and the full knowledge of her volatile military spouse life.

Power has been with her Navy husband for four years and they said their nuptials on Dec. 31, 2016, after a one-and-a-half-year engagement. She works remotely from Corpus Christi, Texas, and visits headquarters once every month or two to meet with teammates and business partners.

As a recruiter within the operations finance organization for the past eight months, Power has taken on new challenges and broadened her scope of responsibility. Career training opportunities include taking classroom and virtual courses about how to become a better recruiter, as well as visiting fulfillment centers to job shadow various roles for which she recruits. Power’s military passion has led her to attend military recruiting job fairs and networking events as a platform to share her story.

“Although I work from home most of the time, my managers do a great job of making me feel included in all office and team events,” she says. “I am very much a part of a team and have embraced the Amazonian culture. Amazon is a bar raiser in the way they treat their veterans and military spouses. I have never felt more optimistic about what the future holds within my new family at Amazon.”

Power anticipates PCSing two times in the next two years. “I am blessed to work for a company that values and understands my obligations as a military spouse,” she says. “I am thankful my job is secure and continually provides opportunities for personal and professional growth regardless of where the Navy takes us.”

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