5 Unknown Military Discounts

4. Looking Good

Military members can get some interesting discounts on things like jewelry, wedding dresses, and even haircuts. Great Clips offers free haircuts to honor Veteran’s Day. Kohl’s offers a 15% discount on all purchases in participating stores. Nike offers discounts on shoes, clothing, and accessories. Old Navy offers military discounts of 10% off of all purchases, including clearance items, on Mondays.

5. Feeling Good

Discounts for health care products such as contact lens and eyeglasses are also available. Some discounts for specialized eye wear, such as tactical glasses for shooting and sun protection, can be had as well. Contact lens, which can be ordered online and shipped to your deployment, may also have a discount. Shop around for the best price and best discount.

Many of the discounts apply for military members and their family members as well for as members of other professions, such as police officers, EMTs, and firefighters. Some discounts are restricted to the military member only, and some are further restricted to certain branches of the military. Some are available for only limited times, and some are not. It never hurts to ask for these discounts wherever you are, even if you don’t see them advertised.

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