One Spouse’s DreamVacations™ Are Becoming a Reality

Earlier this year, we worked with CruiseOne/Dream Vacations Home-Based Travel Franchise to give away a free DreamVacations™ franchise.

Because it’s a virtual business, you can live anywhere, and market to anyone. You don’t have to be in a set location. It also means that you can have business partners in your franchise that live in different states then you do. There is no set sales minimum and you can start part time in your own hours.

Sounds awesome, right? 

We think so. Also, this is the #1 Franchise for Military families. And has a great reputation (just ask Jack & Janette!)

Thank you to all who entered!

CruiseOne/Dream Vacations has chosen a winner and we are happy to share a little about her here AND an opportunity for you to follow in her footsteps!

The winner is…Stacy Evans!

Stacy is the extremely proud wife of Major Robert Evans of the US Army who has served our great country for 31 years and counting. She has two kids – Brooke and Alexander. Years ago, Stacy and her husband started their own business and ran that for 9 years together.

In 2007 after Rob returned from a deployment in Iraq, the Evans family moved to Arlington, Virginia where Rob took a job at the Pentagon. Since that move, Stacy has been fortunate enough to be able to be a stay at home mom, (although she did work a few part time jobs over the years!)

But she never stops trying new things! Stacy graduated from the 61st Basic Police Academy in December of 2015, which was quite an accomplishment. In January 2016, she started working with the Animal Protection Unit and loved it. Unfortunately, the schedule was not conducive for a mother with an active family. Stacy had to work long shifts on top of a 45 minute commute each way. Every other week she worked evening and weekend shifts, which made being available for her kids and family very difficult at times.

Stacy knew she need something better.  She started doing some soul searching trying to figure out what she her dream job would be. When she is away working, she missed her kids and hated not being able to attend all of their school functions and activities.

She started dreaming again about starting another home-based business. Her husband was all in, but it was just a matter of finding the right one for their family. Stacy wanted a business that would give her back flexibility so she can be present for her kids before they are grown and gone.

Another non-negotiable for Stacy is a business that would be portable for when she has to move again. The life of a military spouse, right?!

She needs to love what she’s doing. (And the tax benefits from having a home-based business are a plus as well!)

Stacy and Rob love to travel and have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit. When a friend shared the link to the CruiseOne / Dream Vacation Franchise contest on, Stacy thought, “That would be a perfect fit for me! It’s just what I’m looking for.”

Stacy will attend a training class this Spring, and upon completion, will officially become a DreamVacations™ franchise owner.

You could be next! Visit CruiseOne/Dream Vacations to get started and make Your DreamVacations™ Come True.

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