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Become a Clinical Med Tech in 6 Months or Less


There are certain defined roles in the medical industry which take many years of training to achieve, such as a Doctor or Nurse. In the space between these defined roles is “the gap”, which are areas that require professionals with multiple skills who can juggle different duties. These professionals are called Clinical Medical Technicians and they play a large role in most healthcare settings – especially in OB/GYN and the delivery and caring of newborns.

Often the happiest the place in a hospital, the newborn wing is always in need of Clinical Medical Technicians (CMTs) who can assist the mother, newborn, and medical staff during the delivery. While CMTs can work in a variety of medical settings, working to keep newborns and their mothers healthy is very rewarding. Whether it is taking the newborn’s vital signs, recording the mother’s diagnostic information or setting up equipment, knowing that you are providing valuable assistance at one of the most magical moments in life provides for a rewarding career.

While the training time for other medical roles can be intense, it only takes 6 months (or less!) to complete your training as a certified CMT with World Our innovative digital program provides expert instruction and interactive content to best prepare you for this field. You will learn about operating EKG machines and the practice of Phlebotomy, anatomy and physiology, modern lab and diagnostic techniques, understanding medications and explaining them to patients, as well as clerical and business practices for medical care.

This program also provides a voucher for the Certified Clinical Medial Assistant (CCMA) certification exam, as well as being certified in EKG operations and Phlebotomy as well (which make this a great program if you are wanting to explore Nursing as a later career option). In addition, if you have a focus on OB/GYN you can also consider work in the neonatal unit, helping care for babies until they are strong to leave the hospital. While it is challenging, World and our team of experts will provide you all the instruction and support you need so you can step in to help out right away.

This field is experiencing record growth which is pushing demand and salaries higher. Right now it is predicted to have 23% growth for CMTs, which is far greater than most other fields. Average starting pay is around $31,000 per year, but this field is highly skillset-dependent. This means as you learn more in your job you will have the opportunity to get paid more, especially if it is a unique or specialty practice such as OB/GYN.

To get started, please chat with us at World We are available via live chat (, phone (1-855-630-3305) and social media. There also grants, scholarships and financing available, so contact us today to sign up!

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