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Get Started in the Best Entry-Level Healthcare Job on the Market Today

Pharmacy Technician is the best entry-level healthcare job on the market today. It is an avenue to quickly start a career path that is rewarding, mobile and in-demand. With World you can study anytime, anywhere with professional instruction that – unlike other programs – gets you PTCB-certified in 6 months.

Several factors have caused the increased need for Pharmacy Technicians. Foremost is the country’s fast growing elderly population and their reliance on key medications. Further the diversity and quantity of medications have grown quite a bit in recent years, so there is much more information to track. Finally, you are also seeing a rise in competition among pharmacies, indeed you are as likely to find a pharmacy on your street corner as a Starbucks or Subway shop these days.

Combined with a labor shortage, all this competition and demand means wages will only be going up for Pharmacy Technicians. Average starting wages do depend on your region, but they are among the highest when comparing other entry-level positions.  In addition, this career provides location-flexibility so it can move with you, and you can rest assured – unlike retail positions – they won’t be phasing these roles out anytime soon.

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This is because Pharmacy Technicians are needed to help others manage their pain and/or recover from illness. It takes a lot to be able to perform these services for others, and so the right training matters. World has a completely online course taught by experienced professional Patricia Arevalo AND we provide the option of clinical externship with a local pharmacy near you! With our interactive scenarios and digital content, you will learn the complete scientific background needed to earn the national PTCB certification and start work immediately.

To get started, please chat with us at World We are available via live chat (, phone (1-855-630-3305) and social media.

There also grants, scholarships and financing available, so contact us today to sign up here!

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