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Medical Billing & Coding w/CPC Certification Program

Medical Billing & Coding w/CPC Certification Program

Via North Carolina State University

We are familiar with the concept of the Unit and being an integral part of it, whether that Unit is the military or our family.

When it comes to a career, though, finding that same togetherness can be difficult – especially if you are moving often. This is why a career in Medical Billing & Coding can be a great fit because it is both flexible with location (you can work remotely) and also vital in terms of duties performed.

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Medical Billing & Coding occupies a central role on a healthcare team – you ensure accurate diagnosis in the patient record as well as proper billing for both the customer and the medical office. This means that when a patient sees a doctor for care, both patient and doctor rely on this position to make sure the visit is a success.

Every medical office and clinic needs at least one Medical Billing & Coding professional to ensure accurate patient records, accurate billing, and making sure both parties as well as third-party insurance have accurate information for every visit.

The ability to provide this detail requires comprehensive training, but it doesn’t take a long time to get there. has partnered with North Carolina State University to offer military spouses complete training in Medical Billing & Coding. This program is comprehensive: you will learn anatomy & physiology of the human body, how to translate that into medical terminology and codes, how to process billing and handle operations, and the ICD-10 coding system.

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All learning takes place online at your convenience, using things like simulation, personal instruction and our unique “mastery” methodology that you can only get online with our e-learning program. A great bonus is that this program completely prepares you to pass the essential Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam. We also provide a voucher for this exam so you can take it and will not incur an additional expense. Learners also receive one year membership to the AAPC and the recommended CPT, ICD, and HSPCS manuals (included manuals are AAPC approved for use during the certification exam).

With 22% growth through 2022, this a great field for military spouses who want to be the MVP of their unit. You can study when you like and where you like and will have plenty of support during the course as well as career assistance when you are done.

To learn more, please chat with our partners at World They are available via live chat (, phone (1-855-201-6910) and social media. There also grants, scholarships and financing available, so contact them today to sign up! CHAT HERE to get your questions answered.

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