14 Schools You Should Consider Going To as a Military Spouse

Are you curious about which schools are REALLY looking out for you as a Military Spouse? Check out this list of 15 schools that we know want to help you and can help you. Click around and see what other benefits they each have for you that we couldn’t even mention. Pass it on to your friends – these schools have your best interest in mind and make it possible for you to keep working toward your education as a military spouse!

1. Lincoln Technical Institute

Lincoln is on the ball when it comes to giving military families what they need. It’s a yellow ribbon school that offers great scholarships for military families. They are eager to help you out in the next chapter of your life’s journey! Check them out >>

2. Academy of Art University

This school has their stuff together. With a great BAH and low tuition already, it’s too good not to take a look at during your search. They even have a special military tutoring program to help you gain the extra edge as you get started. Check them out >> 

3. Penn State World Campus

By World Campus, they really mean WORLD – wherever you are, Penn State comes to you. Low tuition, more than 100 degrees to choose from, and the ability to work from anywhere in the world, you just have to take a look at Penn State. Check them out >>

4. Kaplan College

Kaplan is known for it’s flexible schedules so you can make your education work for YOU as you juggle family, home, and work. If you are looking in health-related fields, this is definitely the place to start. Check them out >>

5. Stratford University

Stratford has a high BAH and has been a Military Friendly school for 6 years! Students of Stratford say that the school is first and foremost concerned with your success as a student. It’s a great Yellow Ribbon School and they are ready to meet you. Check them out >> 

6. Colorado Technical University Online

Colorado Tech is entirely online, anywhere, anytime. They say, you experience while you serve! They understand the unique challenges of military life and want to see you succeed, no matter where you are. They’re Military support is out-of-this-world good. Check them out >>

7. Kansas State University Global Campus

“All online students pay the same rate, no matter where they are located, and military personnel stationed in Kansas and taking classes on campus are given in-state residency. K-State features Non-traditional Student Services, a veteran student organization, and a veterans office. Military students enrolled in courses at K-State who receive orders for deployment or relocation are allowed to drop courses after the official date without incurring charges.” Check them out >>

8. Central Texas College

If you already have some sort of career background, but you need that certificate of completion in a specific area, Central Texas offers that, 100% online! They have so many interesting areas to study and master, you may not be able to choose. Check them out >>

9. National University College – Online

National University focuses primarily on associate degree programs – so if you know what you want to do and can do it in less time, with a military spouse friendly school, why not?! Check them out >>

10.Kansas State University

Kansas State online has some of the lowest tuition around! They have a so many options to study, even a special food science program (for real!) and really want to do all they can to make stuff happen for military families. Check them out >>

11. Kaplan University (Online)

With tuition already reduced more than 55% for military service members and their spouses, that would be enough. But Kaplan doesn’t stop there – As a Yellow Ribbon School and known for it’s many available areas of study, Kaplan is the place to be. You can even attend 3 weeks of courses for FREE to see what you think. Check them out >>

Metropolitan College of New York

Ready for a unique college experience, designed with you in mind? Metropolitan College emphasizes the importance of working while learning – you will actually be hands-on, doing what you love. They have flexible schedules and many online classes to get you started. Check them out >>

13. Bellevue University

Here at Bellevue, you can learn where you are, or wherever your next assignment takes you! They like to military-related staff so you will always feel understood. There is flexibility and a top-notch online classroom. You matter, and so does your education. Bellevue wants to help! Check them out >>

14. Troy University

Troy University prides itself in it’s military culture. With students from more than 30 military installations and all branches, they respect your family and want to help you take the next step in your education. Great tuition rates and exactly what you’re looking for, from certification programs to PhD. Check them out >>


So there you go! If one of these 14 schools didn’t suit your fancy, check out the full 2017 list of Military Friendly Schools for more legit schools just for you.

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