Jobs for Military Spouses

13 Unconventional and Perfectly Legal Work From Home Jobs for Military Spouses

If there is one thing a military spouse knows how to do, that’s be flexible! While we understand this is what we signed up for and we want to support our service members to the fullest…we want to acquire skills and knowledge that we can call our own, even if that means a work from home job.

Here’s a list of work from home jobs for military spouses that can be started with a laptop and a little ambition!

While going to school is an awesome way to acquire these skills, we know and understand that our next duty station may not afford us the opportunity to actually work in that field. Many spouses turn to careers that are easily transferrable and allow them to work from home.

1. Social Media Expert

In the 21st century, you’d be hard pressed to find a business owner that’s not currently using social media to drive their business. While we all agree that we need it, we all also agree that it’s time consuming. Social media managers are in very high demand…especially from a branding perspective. A company’s brand is their promise to the client, and it attracts their ideal paying clients. A social media could make sure the message being sent is clean, clear, and consistent. The best part, if you find the right company, you can make it a work from home job! A social media manager would be responsible for sweeping the clients social media platforms on a consistent basis and making sure it’s updated and on brand.

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