We have become very familiar with Starbucks over the years. Today, the well-liked coffee chain is a staple in our neighborhood, on base, and for many of us, a part of our morning commute. And yet despite their common presence, Starbucks is certainly not an average company.

Indeed, a study of Starbucks success would not be complete without recognizing their unique and thoughtful values. This becomes immediately evident when introduced to a Starbucks employee, who is not referred to as such, but rather, a “Starbucks’ partner.”

That’s because at Starbucks there is a drive to create an equal partnership between the business and her workforce: the workforce is invested in Starbucks’ success while at the same time, Starbucks is invested in their workforce’s successes: be it professional, educational and/or personal. Perhaps nowhere is that more apparent than their commitment to hiring, developing and supporting military spouses.

In the past decade, we have celebrated as more and more businesses recognize the value in employing our nation’s veterans. But until recently, military spouse employment received little to no attention. Today, there is a shift in that convention, and Starbucks is at the forefront of the mission. Per their company’s values, “At Starbucks, we recognize that, in addition to our commitment to hire Veterans, military spouses have valuable skill sets, leadership and experiences that can largely benefit our businesses and our communities.” This is more than just lip service: from the data that supports this commitment to conversations with military spouse partners, it’s clear that Starbucks is serious about leading change and providing opportunity.

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