Step Outside the Box and Stop Looking For A Job

We have all heard about it, oh yes, the ever-popular topic about military spouses and employment, or the lack thereof. However, I want to talk to you about this from a different perspective. I want to talk to you about how not to look for a job, while still building your résumé.

Sometimes, after so many weeks, months or even years of searching for employment at new duty stations, we may start to question ourselves and feel inadequate … or is that just me?

The unfortunate truth is, unlike our active duty spouses, most of us don’t have a constant job, and therefore the opportunity to receive recognition and/or promotions. In addition to the lack of validation, there may be a gaping hole on our résumé, filled with nothing.

I feel that pain. I understand that pain.

However, what I have also realized over the years is that we have the power to bring value to ourselves and fill that gap without deliberately trying.

In the past, I have always tried to quickly get a job to feel valuable and prevent an employment gap on my résumé. But, after several duty stations of starting over, and going months without a job, self-doubt began to kick in and I started to wonder if I was good enough. The self-doubt then turned into frustration, anger, anxiety and all things negative. So I stopped looking for work, and I tried to come to peace with it, by doing nothing.

That didn’t work either.

So then I decided to work on myself and try to be the best me. However, if I’m being completely honest; I didn’t just up and decide not to look for a job and learn how to bring value to myself. I was forced to do it.

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