You Can Work at Home with Hilton

Name: Victoria Brady

Years married: Almost 16

Branch your spouse is in: Army

Job title: Help Desk Support Coordinator

How long with Hilton: 3 years this past January

Location: Work at home

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How did you become involved with Hilton?

I was referred to Hilton by the on-post military spouse employment readiness group when I was looking for assistance with job placement after our PCS. I didn’t particularly know they were military friendly. To be honest, I never really looked for a position that was “military friendly.” Being in military towns throughout my entire working career, it was more about finding a job that paid enough regardless of how they felt about or supported the military.

How has your career grown throughout your time with Hilton?

I will never forget my first day of orientation with Hilton. I stood up and asked our HR liaison, “This job will travel with me right? I mean, if we PCS next year, I won’t have to leave behind all of my hard work, vacation and pay? That’s the whole reason I want to work for your guys and that’s what I was told.” Poor Val, she had no idea what to even say. I kept with it, though, and have had the opportunity to go through many development phases.

I started as a reservations sales specialist in January 2014 and shortly after became a training assistant. That afforded me the opportunity to travel to other bases and help instruct classes, as well as be a part of our growing work at home force. I then moved on to be part of the help desk team around June 2015 and, with that move, I acquired a development coach that wanted nothing but for me to succeed within Hilton and further my career. I have been trained in every phone position within Hilton Reservations & Customer Care and I am currently a point of contact and an active phone agent for our work at home support desk. Also due to my development coach’s encouragement, I have worked for and earned my black belt certification in Six Sigma.

What did your employment landscape look like before Hilton?

I have been a military spouse for 16 years and we have PCS’d every 2 years. With each PCS came a new position. I have never been afforded the opportunity to have a career, even holding two degrees. Most of the companies I have worked for understood I was a military spouse and supported me in that role, but only while I worked for them. When you have to move, there’s not much support that can be offered, other than a referral letter.

What sets Hilton apart as an employer?

Hilton has provided me with a career. I think that is what is the most important. The ability to move and maintain your position is priceless to me as a military spouse. Every position was just a job until the next move. I have worked in everything from real estate and mortgage to being a para-educator at a school. Hilton has provided me with stability and a promise for a long and productive career.

The ability to learn and grow, develop new skills, get promoted, get pay increases, a retirement plan and benefits are all things that are hard to earn when you are constantly moving and starting over, but Hilton provides them right from the get go. Hilton makes allowances for things that most companies don’t or can’t do.

Since Victoria entered this work at home program, Hilton has evolved it and all recruitment and training is done virtually. Spouses can take their career with them when PCSing. Hilton hires for this program in 29 different states.

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