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Is this PPD?


My baby is 4 weeks old. I gained about 20 pounds from my pregnancy and I have lost it all (I know, I'm lucky) honestly my body has pretty much gone back to the way it was before I was pregnant. But I just feel horrible about myself. I feel so worthless and ugly, it's crippling. In the next couple of weeks my doctor said my husband and I can start having sex again and I honestly don't think I can bring myself to have my husband touch me.


First, congratulations on your new baby. I can't answer as to whether or not you're experiencing PPD, or just run-of-the-mill hormones after pregnancy. Either way, if you're not feeling better by now, you should talk to your doctor. You've gone through so many changes from your body to your lifestyle, so it's no surprise you're having these feelings. As you said, you're quite lucky to have lost your baby weight so quickly, but did you lose it because you trying? After having my daughter, it took two years (and an unaccompanied tour) to lose the weight, but I don't have a "young" metabolism anymore. In regards to your doctor giving you the go ahead to be intimate again and you not feeling like it, I believe that's completely within the normal range.


It's been about two months since you posted this, so I'm hoping that you're feeling better. Please update us. :)

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