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LES Base Pay and Back Pay Question. Please Read.

My husband and I were looking through his LES and there was a $47 increase in one month of his Base Pay. Would there be any reasons as to why this happened? We have no idea.



As far as the back pay question, My husband was demoted from e-4 to e-3  two years ago, after looking into it his demotion wasn't vaild because  he did his punishment as contracted. He finally past his PT test, he had a bad foot and they were testing on it, his S-1 and finance said he would get backpay from JULY 2010 to NOVEMBER 2012. He was promoted November 1st. We tried contacting finance to see when we will recieve this back pay, but they said talk to you S-1. We tried talking to the S-1 but we never get any answers back.  We don't want to bug the crap out them but we could really use the money and I feel as if  we don't stay on top of things we won't recieve the pay or they will say we waited to long to follow up.

Has anyone else been in this situation? And How long did it take for you to recieve your backpay?




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