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Help feeling lost???

I could use some trying to lose weight.My son is almost a year old,will be in July.I weighted 180 when I had him.I was 140 right before I fould out I was pregnant well my weight now is 141 so I have lost the baby weight I just wanna lose what I had gained right before I found out.My husband comes home from delployment soon.for the past month or 2 I have been doing the dvd "Mama wants her body back".It seems I have lost a few inches but no not able to go to a real gym bc I have noone to keep my son for me to go..all of my family that could keep him works ALOT and daycare is a no no right now.I just feel like im not getting anywhere anymore I was hoping to be looking really good when my husband came home this time.Im just sick of feeling bad about myself.I have a friend on facebook and she has 2 kids is my age early 20's also a military wife(her husband not deployed) she goes to the gym EVERYDAY and is always talking bout it and puting up pics of her body on facebook all the time...whenever I see them its makes me feel bad bout myself.I dont eat bad foods and 98%of the time the only thing I drink is water.Im just at a lost :(

Seriously, congratulations on losing 40 pounds in a year!

First, give yourself some props for what you've accomplished so far!

Second, set your goal, and make sure it's a healthy and realistic goal!  I know it's hard, but try to focus more on how you are fitting in your clothes and the size you're wearing, versus the numbers on the scale.  If you are building muscle, you might even gain weight some weeks.  Track your progress in weight and measurements and see how you progress over longer periods of time, like months, as opposed to daily or weekly.

Third, recongnize that you've had a baby... and that tends to change the SHAPE of your body.  Things have moved around.  You may need to do some clothes shopping in order to find clothes that fit your new body better.  It doesn't need to cost a lot - check out Goodwill and consignment stores for deals.  You'll feel better if your clothes fit properly at the weight you are currently at.

Fourth, recognize that no one diet or plan fits all.  If the plan you're on isn't working for you, try a different one.  (I tried Atkins and lost 10 pounds in a year.  I switched to Weight Watchers online, and lost 16 pounds in 16 weeks.  But I've had friends who dropped 30+ pounds on Atkins.)

Fifth, surround yourself with positive people who support your journey.  It always helps me when the people I work with and hang out with are on a healthy kick - they don't pressure me to "cheat" on my diet.  Try to see your friend's posts about her fitness journey as encouragement instead of making you feel bad about your journey.  Try to be supportive of her and happy for her - you'd want her to be happy for you, right?  But if you just can't be supportive, maybe you just need to "hide" her posts from your newsfeed until you can be supportive of her again.

And good luck on the rest of your weight-loss journey!

Hi Blueridgebb! First off, congratulations on losing the baby weight!! I hear it is not easy to do and you did, so you should defintely be proud of  that. Secondly, so glad to hear that your hubby will be back soon!

There are severals things to think about when you are trying to lose weight. There is the exercise & the nutrition that's important. No one likes to count calories but it can be very beneficial when it comes to weight loss. Have you set your goal yet? That is the first thing you should do. Once you set it then you know where you are headed.

There are many ways to exercise without even stepping foot into a gym. You are already doing one of them. Home workout DVDs are great!! You can workout on your own time without worrying about who is watching. You can also save on gym memberships. I used to be a huge gym rat but when I found a DVD I liked I was SOOO happy!! I could finally workout in shorts & a sports bra without being self concious. You can also exercise with your son. Take him for a walk or a bike ride. Just get active!

Have you ever kept a food journal? When I started keeping track of my foods daily it really helped. It put into perspective what I was putting in my body. There are some great websites & apps that help with tracking your daily calorie intake. I use to log my food & my exercise. It's also a great way to find support. Just by reducing or burning 500 calories a week  you can lose 1Lb a week.

You said that you lost a few inches but no Lbs? That is awesome!! That means you are gaining muscle and you are getting results. I had to discover that it's not always about the Lbs, inches make a huge diffrence as well. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn!

Your friend that goes to the gym everyday, do you ever talk to her about working out? Or do you have any other friends that workout at home? Even if you don't workout together, maybe you could just talk about fitness in general. Surrounding yourself with people that want to get in shape can be great motivation. Holding each other accountable just for working out will as well. My friends & I keep each other on track & keep each other motivated.

I hope this wasn't too much and I helped you in some way. Good luck on your fitness journey!!

Another idea is to join a 'stroller strides' group or one like it in your area.  This way you can exercise with your child and with many other women.

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