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Excited and scared to death all at the same time!!!

Congrats!  It's smart to think it through, bc no matter how many babies you've babysat or how excited you are to have a baby.... you will be up at 3am with a sick baby and wonder what made you think you could handle it! LOL  I grew up babysitting, while our firstborn was the first diaper my DH ever changed; but he is a better parent than me (and I'm so thankful!)  I told a friend yesterday,  You know how whenever you were nervous about marrying DH, you reminded yourself of something really sweet he did or the reason why you said "yes!"?  Well, you need to have something like that to hold onto during rough moments in parenting too LOL  DH and I refer to each other as "foxhole buddies" and it has only made me love him more to see him cradle our babies and play with our toddlers.... even though we hardly ever get a date night alone and our conversation revolves around diaper brands haha.

DH and I had trouble concieving, and Korean friends told me to stop eating soy and start eating seaweed, stop drinking green tea, start drinking barley tea.  We concieved the next month LOL  And we had tried for 4 years, watched all our parent friends for what to do/NOT to do in parenting, read all the books, and we were still pretty much flying scared.  Our toast to each other on DS's first birthday was "Yay! A child has survived a whole year in our care!"  So I guess all you really need is a sense of humor :-)   I think that after the lotto choices DH and I had as parents, kids are pretty resilient.  They just need someone to love them and keep them in a consistent environment.  I read somewhere that by the time a kid is in 2nd grade, the last thing you'd wonder is whether they coslept or were bottlefed or potty trained late.  All the scary decisions when they are babies seem insignificant later.  You and DH sound like you'd be great parents!  Good luck!

Well me and the hubby officially decided to start TTC.  Now I am all kinds of excited and happy, but at the same time I am terrified about everything!  I know what a big decision it is to decide to start a family and have a baby.  We both finally agreed that it was the right time to start trying and that we were ready, but why am I still so nervous and terrified?!  I am 25 years old, a nurse, happily married, have wonderful family and friends close by...  Yet, I feel terrified and unprepared like a pregnant teenager!  Is this normal?!?!  When we do finally conceive, it will be my first pregnancy.  Most people are used to being around babies of some kind whether its neices and nephews, young siblings, cousins, friends babies, etc.  I have never been around babies... ever!!!  I might have held a baby one or two times in my life.  I avoid them like the plague when one is around me because I'm worried I'm going to break it or something!  I don't know anything about babies and kids!  I find some kind of comfort in knowing that by nature I'm a nurturer and love caring for people, hence why I'm a nurse ;)  But at the same time I don't see myself as being very maternal.  When I had to do my pediatric clinicals in nursing school I ended up with a mega headache and walking out the door ranting under my breath about all of the crazy, hyper, undisciplined, disrespecful little brat kids and wanted nothing to do with them.  Anyways, I would love some tips and advice about TTC, being a nervous wreck, being pregnant in general, etc.  Help!!!  Thank you all :)

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