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Hit a snag in trying to bring my pets

 you might want to read this before deciding to bring them over:


Yep I've read that. Days Since Our Marriage


I have 2 cats and our plan was to PCS here (Italy) and get settled and then for me to go back to the states to get them. I booked my flight on a travel website. The return flight (the one the cats would be on) is operated by US Airways and then Lufthansa. I called Lufthansa to reserve a spot for the two cats in the cargo hold or whatever and that was fine. Then they told me I had to also contact US Airways, so I did and their only option was to have ONE cat in the cabin and that's it. So I'm pretty much stuck at this point on what to do. 

I could rent a car to drive to the second airport. It's Buffalo to Philadelphia, which is a little over 7 hours. My concern with that is that my one cat gets very nervous in the car and every time we go a long distance she poops in the carrier. I can't give them calming drugs because they aren't recommended for flight travel. My other concern with this is how I would carry both cats through the terminals. Each carrier for the plane weighs about 12lbs and the cats each weight 8lbs. I can't really carry 40lbs by myself. I have no idea if I can rent a car without being a resident of the US (we're now in Italy) and we don't have US car insurance anymore, but it is through USAA. 

My other thought was asking my dad to drive with me to PA. I would of course pay him a couple hundred to do this. 

Right now they are staying with my dad who takes very could care of them. I am considering leaving them with my dad while we are here (3 years). It breaks my heart not to have them here. It just seems that right now that is the best option for them.

I've looked into a few shipping companies for pets and filled out the forms online, but have not heard back from any of them.

I just don't really know where to go from here... Days Since Our Marriage

Yes, that's what they told me when I called. This is what I'm having to do: take 1 at a time and then come back to get the other one. At least this way they can stay in the cabin with me. 


 Keep in mind if you booked the ticket already,  typically when you skip the first airport your ticket will be voided.  You will not be able to just hop onto your connecting flight after missing the first flight.  Call your airline, to double check.

I dont know if you really want to do the seven hour drive, but walking them through the terminal is really not that big of a deal.  Just get a baggage carrier.  You can rent one at the terminals, or you can buy one if you want.

 Keep in mind if you booked the ticket already,  typically when you skip the first airport your ticket will be voided.  You will not be able to just hop onto your connecting flight after missing the first flight.  Call your airline, to double check.


There are a couple things that you could look into.


Did you tell USAirways that you are on military orders?  They may make an exception for you, especially since it's for a cat  If the first person says no, move up the chain.  Generally you can find someone sypathetic to your plight and work it out.  If not, would it be possible to change your flight?  That change fee may end up being less expensive than finding other transportation.  Transporting a pet can be pretty expensive. 


If your cat gets nervous driving, she is more than likely going to be very nervous when she is flying.  It sounds like preventing the poop is goingto be impossible.   To minimize the damage in the carrier you need newspaper, lots of newspaper!  Lay a couple sheets down on the bottom.  Then rip more newspaper in long strips about 1-2" wide.  All these strips create more surface area for vomit or fecal material to stick to instead of your cat laying in it. (NOTE: Your vet LOVES it if you take these precautions on a cat that likes to vomit/poop on the trip to the vet!!)


Leaving your cats is always an option, but you need to make sure it's something you AND your parents are willing to tackle.  You should be ready to provide the funds for food, vet visits, toys, and litter for the whole time you are gone. 


Good luck with this decision! I know it's a big one.


I couldn't imagine having my boys anywhere but with us, so I definitely understand your desire to make this work. I know it may be a cliched saying, but where there's a will, there's a way! I know of a couple different places that will ship your animals (not sure if you've tried these).

Happy Tails Travels

        They have an A+ on the BBB website and I've heard good things.

        They also have an A+ on BBB.

These are both BBB accredited companies, but I'm not sure about prices or anything.

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