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Gender roles and equality

So this is a subject that sparked debate recently and I want to get your thoughts on the issue!!!

On another site, this comment was made...

"Women should be treated as equals, no questions asked. That's what we all want, right ladies? Unfortunately that comes with a price. If you're an equal don't expect your man to work on your car by himself. Get your ass out there and help. If you're an equal kill the spider yourself. If you're an equal, get off your ass and mow the yard every once in a while. If you're an equal don't demand to be treated like a princess."

This persons idea is that traditional gender roles and women demanding to be considered as equal to men and not inferior is pretty much an oxymoron.  Women who want every advantage and consideration men get as complete equals, but still expect to maintain gender roles and hold up all of the traditional "chivalry" ideology which is not based on gender equality.  The argument is about women who demand gender equality, but only when it benefits them.  Example being, you want equality when it comes to work, income, opportunities, but when you go home it all goes the opposite way and you want to live by gender roles where the men do the hard laborous tasks and the women stay in the home and cook and clean and be put up on a pedastool and don't get their hands dirty.

By the way, none of this is an expression of my personal opinion, I'm just relaying the conversation.  I stayed on the sidelines for this debate...  But I am curious about others opinions about the traditional gender roles and also how that relates, if at all, to womens equality. 

Happy posting!!! :)

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