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Soldier of the Year question

My husband got chosen (he's 1 of the 2 soldiers) to represent his unit for Soldier of the Year. I'm very excited/proud of him but he acts like its just "whatever". He mentioned a few weeks ago how his command had asked him to participate but he declined at that time. Well he found out yesterday morning that his command is forcing him to now participate. My husband will of course do his best. (he's NOT one to half a$$ anything, he always gives his all) but I don't understand why he acts like it's no biggy. Wouldn't/Shouldn't he be more excited? All I know is that I am & have always been very proud of him & I think it would be a huge honor to be chosen. My question is what all does being chosen mean for him? He said if he won, it would give him promotion points & recognition by the higher ups. I'm not trying to sound naive, but to me it sounds like a big deal & something to be proud of, & he keeps acting as if it's no big I was jw what it's all about.

Honestly he probably just isn't getting his hopes up. My husband is sailor of the quarter and it means very little to him as well. Countinue to be proud of him but understand that so many things take into effect with promotions that getting this award actually means very little towards it in the end. Him just being nominated means that they are already aware of how amazing at his job he is and not just his higher ups are aware. Chiefs/sargents talk to each other about their men/women. Its an amazing thing to be nominated and its not that he doesn't care but he just knows what is more important. 

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