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Breast cancer and issues with Tri Care

My friend, when she was 29, had lumps in her breast that Tricare dragged their feet on allowing referrals; she was terrified.  It's an abomination that the way Tricare saves money is by hoping sick people give up.

 Call or go in person to the hospital's Patient Advocate.  In my experience, they are usually not sympathetic or offer much hope... BUT they turn right around after you walk out the door and get results.   So be polite and firm to them, even if they are rude to you, and they can move mountains.  Also, try to involve the active duty sponsor -- if you bring your husband IN UNIFORM that can grease wheels.  All else fails, a letter from his commander questioning what the delay is.... (evil grin)

I am so sorry you have cancer.  I hope everything works out.

My Husband and his chain of command made it happen :)

We will  get a case manager with Tri Care.

The Port surgery and the Lymph node biopsy are scheduled for Tuesday  and chemo starts Thursday.



I got diagnosed with breast cancer in March. I need port surgery so I can start chemo. I have a very aggressive cancer, thats why my oncologist wants me to start asap.

Tri Care denied the first referral!!! And the second referral is pending for 2 days now. I was just wondering if anybody had issues like that....



Contact TriCare and request a case manager because you have an ongoing health issue for which you will need many referrals and authorizations approved quickly. Also, have you registered with EFMP at your current duty station? It shoud help to make your medical care easier to receive by doing so. 

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