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are there any other key spouses out there?

I'm a KS, and I think the main thing is to outline what you do (esp the confidentiality part and that your role is to be a resource, to serve and advocate for SPOUSES on behalf of the unit command).  Most dont know what a ks does, the limits or the abilities given.  next include what YOU plan to do -- outings, spouses nights out, unit facebook page, organizing phone tree or meals for new moms, whatever etc. and/or really encourage them to email you with suggestions.  a KS friend I know included a survey for the spouses to fill out, about what they liked/disliked about the unit/area, favorite restaurant, number of kids, job, "wish list", etc.   

If you have a list of spouse emails or phone numbers already, consider yourself lucky!!  If not, you will really need your commander to encourage his employees to fwd your message to their spouses.  Also consider offering the letter to civilian employees' spouses -- they are an excellent resource for childcare, dry cleaners, etc. bc they are locals.   The best thing I've done is spouses' night out -- the first was at a paint your own pottery place, which was a great icebreaker.    


Hey guys, i'm a new key spouse and i'm getting ready to mail out letters to all of my people.  My question is what is the proper way to do it in your 

opinion.  any by that I mean doing the addresses on the envelope and the initial greeting.  

I appreciate your opinions.



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