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Strip Tease for Hubby

I found Carmen Electra's Aerobic Strip Tease videos to be very helpful. There are 4 or 6 of them and I found them at our local Barnes and Noble.  They have great moves and the music is fair.  The bonus is that you can add to your toning while practicing your moves! /WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/wink.png

i have those carmen electra striptease videos and those are really good for learning differant slow and sexy dance moves.  learning to move those hips in circles fluently can really help. touching yourself is a must, doesn't matter if its through your hair, down the front of your body, or up and down your legs while doing a dip, its a must.  clothing wise, skimpy items like stilletoes, tighhighs, garter, and a cute bra are a nice surprise under a button down mans shirt...possibly even one that can be ripped off.  using a mans tie as a custume piece and prop works (think whips). starting with your hair up and then letting it down and doing a couple of head flips is sexy, just make sure if your wearing stilletos that you practice this and do it on a stable surface if your going to do a head flip.  tried doing it after having some wine and landed on my butt.  as for music, i heard that prince is good to dance to, or some sort of eighties hair metal band.  me personally, i like slow club dance music, or some sort of rock song with sex based subject matter.  a few of my personal favorites, kings of leon "sex on fire", tori amos "bring you dog", and there is a new one i heard on the rock station, i don't know who its by but its a song called "porn star dancing".  i think that one would be fun.


YOUTUBE girl!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Ladies,

So I need your help please...My hubby is due back from Afghanistan,hopefully, in Oct. and I have been working ma a** off at the gym, I haven't gotten where I want yet, but I'm toning pretty ok. Anywayz, I wanna give him his own little private strip tease, but I don't even know where to start with the music. Any suggestions? Songs, props? I really wanna know where I can find some music so please comment. I really appreciate it THX.

Thank you gals I'm taking all this into consideration /WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/wink.png

I'm back... thax girls I love the suggestiins, and Peanut thx I will sure look at him although I know I will be shy n yeah I can move pretty fast n am some pretty flexible I have also been watching the Ciarra music video "Ride it" n practice it a lil lol I have the longerie done I feel so excited, but I am sorry for urs being deployed although u are gonna miss him, it will go by faster than u expect the last month might be hardest tho because of the anticipation.

Thanks all of u


Think of a song that makes you feel sexy and want to seduce your husband

I agree with other posters to be sure the clothing is comfortable and easy to move with and remove. I STRONGLY second Pour some Sugar on Me by Def Leopard, I also love Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith. But my advice is choose something that works for YOU. The rhythm in those songs are fun and call for a lot of high energy and movement, and if that's difficult for you than choose something a bit slower but still way sexy and build anticipation with a slow seductive dance. A favorite of mine is Nice and Slow by Usher.

Choreography and practice is nice but don't make it a stressful production. Have fun, be flirtatious, take your time with it and most important exude confidence that you are super sexy! Make as much eye contact with your man as possible, especially as you touch yourself, so that he gets to feel like he's super sexy too! Don't be shy about guiding his hands on your body either, but have fun teasing him a little! Give him just a taste then take it away for a bit to dance some more or follow real stripper rules til your ready and make him keep his hands to himself. Like I said, anticipation is sort of the name of the game with striptease.

Have a great time! I'm so jealous! My honey just deployed a little over a week ago. It's going to be a LOOOOONG and dull year for me!

Best stripper song ever in my opinion for DH is Come On Closer by the song...

Here's the biggest piece of advice I can give you, PRACTICE IN FRONT OF A MIRROR. You can google striptease music and it will give you tons of ideas but it's really just whatever you like b/c you have to feel comfortable. something with a pretty steady beat should work well. For an outfit I would think a new piece of lingerie that's easy to remove and doesn't fit to tightly b/c you don't want it to create creases in your skin and stockings with garters look sexy too. then I would wear like a pencil skirt, white button down shirt, silk tie, and hair up in a pencil, and of course, stilettos. The only prop I have ever used is a straight back chair. I also google sexy eye makeup to create a new look for the event. If you want more specifics feel free to PM me on here... hope this helps!

you can google strip tease classes in your area.....a lot more of these classes are coming up, using it as an exercise...but it can help you feel comfortable with music and dancing and in your own body.

Those that ride on high horses have a longer fall. I respect titles earned, but value more the person behind the title.

pour some sugar on me (or w/e) by def leporad is good too

Those that ride on high horses have a longer fall. I respect titles earned, but value more the person behind the title.

Operation Bombshell on fb is started by a WP wife or gf. I think they do burlesque  for their guys.

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Here are my song suggestions:

Goldfrapp-Strict Machine

Portishead-Glory Box

Bush-Chemicals Between Us

Blue Foundation-Eyes on Fire


Hope these help!  Above everything else just have fun with it

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on itunes, there's a podcast (they're free!) called the stripper method that you can watch on your computer. it's 2 friends who used to be stippers in vegas but are now moms. they make it seem less intimidating, and keep it to where "real" wives can make it work.

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