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Is your spouse your first?

My husband was my first and only.

My husband is my first husband and most definitely my a lot of you, we all kissed the frogs and came up with nothing!!

I feel that i have got all my "wild living" out of my system before i got married therefore i know that im not missing out on anything and don't feel the need to stray or be jealous of those going out of a weekend to clubs and the like...been there...done that!

The count of ladies on the husbands side....? insane! but he too has got his wild living out of his system (yes we were both tested before we were married-all clear) and now we realise that we want different things out of life and we have grown up and are enjoying those new discoveries kids and family things,trips out,vacations,holiday gatherings etc....the comfort and closeness of one person,your best friend means so much to us now and its a satisfying feeling to know that we both waited to marry "the one"

My husband was my first, and will be my only, as well. =) I was not his first, but i was his second. We broke up for about 3 years before we got married and he had another girlfriend in there somewhere. But i'm secure in our relationship... =) so i'm not too worried about it. Lots of my girlfriends are always surprised when i say my husband was and is my only one... =) I agree with it being a rarity!


My hubby is my first as I am his first. We were just very Lucky to have found eachother. I can honestly say that I am GLAD that he was my first and will be my LAST!!!!


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wow! Im enviouse. my husband and I are eachothers second marraige. With him being in the military since he was 20 yrs old, there were many girls for him and I had my fair share of "hook ups" when I was young, I get so jealouse of my husband ever being with another woman before he met me. I would have loved to have been his first and I know he would love to have been mine. So rock on cuz if you are still with the only man youve ever been with and are happy, that is AWSOME!!!


nope for either of us. i am an alcoholic and addicted. ( in recovery) im also bipolar and wasnt medicated until i first started dating my husband.  enough said? my decision making skills were poor. BUT my husband will be my last and i am more than pleased.

i will bc i think i can.

DH is my first (and, deities willing, only) husband.  He is not my first sexual partner OR my first engagement.  I spent five years (15-20) dating and then engaged to another man.  I spent another four years after that dating before I met my husband. 

We're very much on the same page about sex:  your first time should be with someone you love, because you never want to regret it.  All sex should be with someone you truly care about and are committed to.  (And always get tested at the end of a relationship and the before beginning a new one--if you care about someone, you don't take risks with their health!)

He's had more partners than I have, but numbers don't really bother me.  Since I'd also had previous partners, I already knew that the past fades when you're faced with your future.  I've never looked back, and I've never had to worry that he would, either.

nope, he's my second

Yes my husband and I met in 7th grade funny hu any way here we are almost 12 yrs later and still he has been my 1 and only i couldnt see myself or him with any one else.

Mrs Lucero

Yes, my husband was my first and only.

Nope, I wasn't his first and he wasn't mine. Not a big deal.. went through a lot of crap to find the right guy.

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Nope, I am 27 and this is my second marriage. 


My fiance and I were each others' firsts and I'm grateful. Even though it wouldn't have been a big deal, I just have heard horror stories of the dreaded "was I your first?" conversation!


We were each other's firsts


Mine was my first and only, and I was his first too. We were 14 when we got together and we will be 21 at the end of the year, but we broke up a couple times in high school, because he wasn't sure I was "the one" so he's been with two other girls, and realized that the grass isn't always greener on the otherside. He used to be a totally different person, but he's an amazing husband now. Thank god he grew up! Lol


YES!! My baby and i were each others first and only! Wouldnt have it any other way!

Lovin' Justin <3


my momma was married 3 times (twice to the same man) and is 8yrs older than my dad and theyve been together for 28 years! It happens and it can work! dont feel bad However, my grandmother did tell her, if she wanted a playmate for my brother she couldve went down to the school yard! hahah but she learned to love my daddy and esp the children that were produced from the marriage.. No more than my brother, but just as much! Best of luck to you!

Lovin' Justin <3

I'm one of the lucky ones my husband and I met when I was 19 and he was 25 we dated for almost 3 years before getting married and he was my first and my one and only I think it would be super weird to do it with anyone else I could not even imagine, and I was also his first I was so thankful for that I don't know if I could have handled being with someone who had already had sex. We are very lucky that we saved ourselves for one another it seems to make alot of things alot easier. I love my husband to death and can't wait till he comes home it has been far to long with out is warmth next to me. i'm starting to really not like the military. Ugh.....


My husband is my first and only husband, but not the only man I've ever slept with. I had a couple of flings and a long term relationship before him and he had a serious girlfriend at 19 plus a few girlfriends after he joined the Navy. Our "number" is the same so we don't argue about it. Even though I would say we got married young (22 and 24) I'm glad I wasn't SO young when we met. I was very immature at 18 and did a lot of things that hurt my boyfriend at the time. I think I might have treated my husband the same way if I had been with him at 18.

To be honest, I don't even remember what the other guys were like after being only with my husband for so long. It's not something either of us dwells on or gets jealous about. I think I would have more problems accepting his history if I had waited for him while he had been his youth. This way neither of us wonders what we might have missed. I know I got a good one!

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nope...we both have had our fair share..however, this is our first marriage and only have children together.....

"Win the Peace"

hahaha no.  I was 27 when we married and I had already had a child. 

I was doing the whole I am going to wait til marriage.  Yeah that lasted til I was 22 and I decided it wasn't worth it.


My husband was not my first but we did date breifly 6 years before we met and decided we wernt for eachother back then.  We both feel that without everything within those 6 years let alone our life we wouldnt be who we are today and totally in love.  Sometimes it takes life to realize what you really need in a husband/wife.
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Hello! My husband was my first and is my only, but I am not his first (he has had two others in his life). Also, we weren't married when we started having sex. I just had a policy that I wanted to be in a relationship in which I felt truly safe and cared for before going there. So it wasn't my intention to be one and done, although I am glad it was. And for hubby, I was a first for him in many ways even though I wasn't technically his first. He always tells me sex is different when you are in love, have trust for your partner, and don't feel pressured, and I was that first for him. So the other two, I don't worry about. I'm his last, and that is what matters for me. Isn't that really the most important thing, finding the right person in the end? /WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/happy.png

I would have liked to have been my husbands one and only and vice versa but that isnt the case and we do not dwell on it either.  We love each other and our past is our past.  We both had serious relationships before each other.  All that mattered was that when we found each other we knew we were meant to be together.  Life happens...

My hubby's my first I had sex with and my last. I wish he was the first I had kissed but he wasn't. I am also his first everything.

Tell all those who matter to you that you love them, while you still have the time.

Are there any of you (military spouse) who homeschool their children??  I am an Army Spouse (of 12 years) and we have been homeschooling (starting) this year.  Wanted to see if there were any more out there (military homeschool moms).  If you have any suggestions for me--please reply back.  Also, what are the concerns or triumphs of military homeschooling??  Any overseas like me?     Thanks in advance for your replies..../WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/happy.png

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Dh and I are each others first and only everything. We have been married 20yrs. I love that there are no exes to argue about. lol
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I say, to each his/her own! If you are happy and content now, thats all that matters! As for me, he was not my first and it doesnt bother me one bit. For me I cant see being able to appreciate what Ive got had I not had something to compare to!

As for DH, I was his first! Pretty crazy, seems like Ill I read were that the men had others and the women only one. Were the opposite though, so that makes us the minority! LOL Honestly though..everyone is caught up in the being first and only, and it sounds like some people are sad/ashamed they werent. I say be proud of who you are! It actually bugs me that my husband has no prior experiance. Wierd huh? Sometimes I feel guilty that I got to experiance more (and I can apply that to life in general...he was so sheltered) and he is clueless. And it can also be frustrating too.

But hey, like I said, be proud of who you are and never be ashamed or regretful of what you have done, or what your spouse has done prior to you. We are all perfectly imperfect people, we need not dwell on the past!

Yes, been together since freshman year in high school, 7 1/2 years, married for 3.  I feel lucky for that. /WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/biggrin.png


No, we are not each others firsts.. but definitely our lasts

We have never really discussed how many we have had in our pasts.. I think its unspoken simply because it doesn't matter.  What happens from here on out is the only thing that matters


Me and my husband are each others firsts, and only. Im so happy about it too, like someone else posted.. i love not having others to have to think about or anything!

my spouse is my first husband (and only) lol but we are not each others first... some of you said you cant imagine having  been with anyone else but once your with your love you forget all the past partners and its like they never happened so to me its not a big deal at all that were not each others first. its being each others last that is important!!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

My Husband is my first and only. We waited till we got married and have been together for 6 years with no regreats.


yes. we have been togather since our sophmore year of HS too!!

To some people a phone call is a way of life but to a Military family it means the world..... Take what you have and use it no regrets


yeah. my hubby was my first and only.

Love can endure anything that is throw at it, but you have to embrace what you love.

My husband is only the second person I've ever been with. I'd never really had an official 'boyfriend' (lame, I know. I'm 23 and lost my virginity at 21) until my ex, which happens to be a friend of my husband's. That's how we met! I almost wish the hubby was my first, but maybe it's for the best. Plus the ex already had a kid (who he never saw) and I wasn't ready to be a mom of any sort.


I hate the fact that I have to say no... My husband was not my first... I wish he was though. I was orignally his second but when we seperated for 18 months he stayed in a drunken stuper and caught up with me in that time with parnters.... So... yeah tough but you know what... It doesn't bother me. I won out and got the prize... and I know he feels the same way!

(if that sounds irratically odd and off sorry)

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 I agree, perfectly said, the past is in the past. Your post made me laugh!


MrsSluga wrote:

DH was nowhere near my first, but he's definitely my last! Same with him, so it doesn't bother me in the least. Plus I'm not really the type of girl who would bring up his ex's. He's married to me and not them, so why should i care!!!

I had to . . . erm. . . Kiss a LOT of frogs before I got my prince. I'm not proud of myself, but I can't change the choices I made in the past, but I'm so happy I found someone who wants to have a wonderful future with me.

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My husband is my first and I agree with the rest of the I couldn't

have it any other way.

im reading all these posts and kudos to all of you who have only been with their significant others! that is so rare nowadays. sad to say my husband is not my first nor i his. he is my first (and last) marriage. i am his second marriage. he was not even my first engagement. we both had had our sexual experiences. mine a lot lower than his....lets face my man was a whore! lol. but we both had our "fun". i do not regret any of the experiences i had. each one taught me a lot. and helped me learn something about myself and what i do and dont like. so when i met my husband. there was no thinking twice. he was it. and it was the same way. while we may not be each others firsts, we are each others last. and we love each other. and we dont bring up the past. we accept it and move on. i look at it this way....since the sex with us is THANKFUL to those other women who taught him what he knows! now i have to admit he is the ONLY man to ever make me say "whoopee!"


 omg! i liked to fell outta my chair readin this post!!!!  only because i remember saying to myself "im saving myself for marriage" then boy did i fall short!  congrats to all who kept that promise, im happy for u...  but i wouldnt change the fun i had for anything!

lol...I didn't bother saving myself for marriage, just for when it felt right. Lucky enough for me, hubby decided we were right before I figured it out, and we became each other's one and only.


And don't you worry, lol...we've had a ball.

My husband is my first both with sex and marriage. I am his second wife. He married his first while he was stationed in Germany. He married a German woman. So of course I am not the first person he has ever had sex with. There were a few before me. Of course he is also 6 years older than I am and I didn't meet him until I was 19 and he was 24 almost 25. I would have never met him if he didn't marry his first wife and get out of the Army because he would have never gotten out the first time. Everything happens for a reason. We have been married for over 9 years and dated 4 years before that.

My husband is my first and only. Like you, I couldn't imagine being with any one else.
I am not his first however, but I am okay with that. I am confident in knowing I am the first sane girl he ever dated /WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/biggrin.png His first cheated on him, got pregnant and ended up to some polygamous guy I guess as wife number three. And I knew the two girl friends before me, while they weren't that crazy, I know for a fact they definitely had issues.


My husband was my first everything. But i was deffinently not his. Some people might call him a whore before he met me. And then i made him wait/WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/wink.png!!! But that is the past so i don't worry about it. He is very open with me about it so i am fine with it because i know i am his last!!!!!!/WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/happy.png

People may find this offensive, and I'm going to apologize ahead of time.  Honestly, I think those who are so caught up with "being the minority"spend too much time comparing their lives to that of others.  We ALL have pasts, and the number of people we've slept with is information that should only matter to us, our spouses, and God.  I do no mean any disrespect.  For those of you who are still with your first, hey lucky has been good to you.  For those of us who have another 1 (or 2 or 3 or whatever) under our belts...we aren't any worse off.  Just more experienced /WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/wink.png

On another note, I will say I did save myself until I was married.  I was pregnant less than a month after, and 6 months into the pregnancy I started thinking he was cheating...less than a month after giving birth to my son, I found out I was right and he was expecting a child with another woman.  Needless to say, we divorced.  I was lucky enough to find my high school sweetheart again, and though we were both married before...the roads we chose only paid off as we are now stronger and more appreciative of and understanding of each other and our needs.

My husband was my first and only  and I am his first and only. We were highschool sweethearts and have been together for 30 1/2 years. We just celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary. 




My Dh is my first spouse we have been married for 6yrs.  He was not however my first we were both with other people before we got married, but he is my last. 


he will be my first hubby, but no he is not the first person i have been with.

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i've also been with my husband since our sophomore year of high school, so we are each other's firsts.

not to spark a debate or put others down, but I was raised to believe sex is a special thing and a big decision. That is why I waited. And I have don't regret it thats for sure!


My husband was my first EVERYTHING, right down to first boyfriend and first kiss. I wasnt his first GF he had like 4 Iwas his first lover. And he had only kissed 2 other girls before me. and had only kissed each one once lol!

My DH is my first HUSBAND, and only husband I'll ever have. But he's definately NOT my first partner. It would have been ok if he was, but I'm happy for my past experiences. They shaped me and molded me into who I am today, and yeah, somethings I'm not proud of, but HE'S proud of me just the way I am .. A loving/caring/supportive wife, and the mother of his baby girl.

But I think it's awesome that you can be each other's firsts! That's a very special bond between you two!

- Nicole .. Loving My Life As Mommy & ARMY Wife

My DH is my first, but he had someone before me.

First and only.  We've been married 10 yrs. and have loved every minute of it!

Kanada wrote:

my dh is my first husband.  however, i had a grand ole time living the single life before i met him.  i've explored the world, my beliefs, and my body (often with help!)/WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/biggrin.png 

The only thing I know is that I know nothing at all. (Socrates)

Amen girl! Lol. I'm the exact same way. lol

Nessa SSGT wife wrote:
I didnt mean that in a sarcastic manner were one of the fortunate ones, not all of us were lucky enough to find Mr Right at 18 some of us had to kiss a lot of frogs before we met our prince.  I never ever thought I would get married because I enjoyed being single but then I met DH and that was it for me, although I had other men in my life, he is the only one that I want to be with for the rest of my life, so I honestly dont think it matters if youre husband was your first, second or 50th! all that matters is taht once you take those vows and put that ring on your finger, he is forever your one and only....
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 I hear ya! I agree completely. After reading over the rest of threads, I think its wonderful that all of us found our soulmates either early in life, or the second time around. No matter what the situation, everyone sounds happy and fulfilled.

Lol, yes, he was my first and he'll be my last. But umm, as far as him being my only..see there was this period of time called "the single life" and uhhhh....

DH was nowhere near my first, but he's definitely my last! Same with him, so it doesn't bother me in the least. Plus I'm not really the type of girl who would bring up his ex's. He's married to me and not them, so why should i care!!!

I had to . . . erm. . . Kiss a LOT of frogs before I got my prince. I'm not proud of myself, but I can't change the choices I made in the past, but I'm so happy I found someone who wants to have a wonderful future with me.

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Not sure why I posting on such a trivial issue, but here is my bit on it-I think I will get the most horrible award-I am 7 years older than my hubby-to-be, he is 28 I will be 35 in 9 days.  I have been married twice before (I know, put the raised eyebrows away) First hubby was not my first, I was his.  We were married 12 years, then we divorced. I was not horrible, but he wanted to be in the preppy group at church and I wasent Martha Stewart enough to fit in.  On to hubby number 2-total rebound thing, he stole my tax refund and snorted it, mind u he never had a paying job much less modivation beyond getting high.  BUT He introduced me to hubby to be, and I must tell him thanks there.  Now soon to be hubby, well at 27, I was his first.  I felt like a cradle robbibg hag, but there is a song out there that tells it like it is and that is, "my baby loves me just the way that I am" 

Nor my husband or i were each others first, we both shall we say found out what we like and then found it in each other and love it !!!

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My husband and I are each other's first, too.  And while I won't say anything negative about people who have had a few in between their spouse, I will say that I feel so close to my husband, and I am happy that we shared that moment with each other and nobody else. 

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  My Life's Companion is my one and only from high school to the present. With two gifts that she has given me-two Wonderful Son's and moving into the future.

  And if you want to view my Soldier Wife here you go to (or write) linda and view anything that's military orientation.

And I'm Very Proud to be able to be The Spouse of My Soldier Wife!!!!!


yeap we have been together since my freshman year. One and only on both sides.

DH is my second husband but we, too, were eachother's first back in high school   We broke up in between like you did, and got back together last year.  It's really pretty neat


My DH was not my first, but he is my last! I was his first though.



My husband and I married at ages 32 and 36 (first marriages for both), and so both of us have experienced other intimate relationships.  We both know each other's numbers and names and experiences (yes, low numbers), and both have grown from those relationships separately, and together when we discussed them.  Would it have been great to have met in high school and known he was the love of my life then?  Absolutely.  Were we completely different people then (me a bit more bossy and inflexible, and him the lead singer of a heavy metal band)? Yes - and I don't know if we would have given each other the time of day at that point of our lives.  That said, to us it does not make a negative difference now that we had previous relationships - our communication abilities are enhanced by our previous relationships - intimately and everyday-wise.

Dh is my first....We are high school sweethearts....Now don't get me wrong before we got together I had tons of dudes trying to holla and I wasn't the one to give it up before I got married let alone in Highschool but something about this man that had spit the wildest game ever and lets say he talked me out of my panties and he still his lol.........! Nah I knew I was going to marry this man while everyone was talking about puppy love it was "real" love.

Hubby and I are highschool sweethearts....I was 14 and he was 17...he was my first but he had been with one girl before the other posts we have broke up plenty of times while in highschool, I never could will myself to be with anybody else I guess he as and will continue to have my heart now look at us now still together married with 2 beautiful girls and a possible 3rd (fingers crossed)!


My hubby was my first and only. We got married when I was 18. /WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/happy.png

Ok so .. I would like to say my husband was my first , however I can say he is my last . He is the best I have ever been with and cherish him to no end. But... even with ,my christian beliefs and my relationship with God, I can't say I haven't made mistakes and to be honest had some fun in my life. I was married before and that was not fun , I never wanted sex because he never treated me with respect and it was a big disaster , except .. out of that disaster I got beautiful children that I adore and so does my current and last husband and love. Heck I had some fun inbetween marriage, a doctor a dentist .. a lawnman lol .. then love came my way ... and too imagine now having ever been with anyone else.. I don't even think those thoughts because it actually makes me ill.

I would have to say I'm glad I have experienced life and now I'm grateful I have a husband who loves me for all the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly in my life. Every where I have been up until today ... has made me who I am today AND HE LOVES IT AND ACCEPTS IT !! Im Blessed !

Im a soldier whos married to a soldier . We have 2 great children and I love my family , a nice glass of Vino and traveling !

omg! i liked to fell outta my chair readin this post!!!!  only because i remember saying to myself "im saving myself for marriage" then boy did i fall short!  congrats to all who kept that promise, im happy for u...  but i wouldnt change the fun i had for anything! i wouldnt be so sure of myself today i dont think, if i hadnt experienced those things b4 my marriage....    im 21 and hubby is 24, but.....  we met in high school...  I HATED HIM! AND HE ALWAYS FLIRTED WITH ME! lol  he was such an arse!!!  i was a theater geek and he was a stoner...  nuff said!  anyway- i  "lost it" when i was 15, almost 16.. not to my now husband...  and he was pretty young i think when he "lost it" as well...  either way...  over the 9 years that we've known each other, we never really dated...  weird i know...  in fact, he moved 15 hours away after he graduated high school (summer b4 my junior yr) and we mostly lost touch til about 7 months ago...  found each other again on myspace...  got married...  etc...  i mean, i was kind of a tramp in highschool... but WOW!  when he was in colorado, his apt had a revolving door!!!  (figuratively speaking of course)  hes been with twice as many ppl as i have...  and ill admit... i really enjoyed - well - "exploring my sexuality"   if ya know what i mean   so we are together now, thats what matters, and well...  we both had many sexual experiences to learn from b4 we got to each other... so we pretty much had it down pat   at this point though, if see any of the girls he used to "date" i wanna beat the living daylights out of them! but then im like well, b*tch, hes mine, check out the rock and SCRAM!  LMAO!!!! 

argghh sry to double post.. but im gonna throw in there that my hubby and i did not actually sleep together til 2 days b4 our wedding...  he had 20 days leave (just grad. from APG) b4 goin to japan and we hadnt even seen each other in a few years....  so i picked him up from the airport...  we got to my house (about 30mins later) and that man had me naked b4 i knew what was happening!!!   LOL  it was great...  and it happened every day, til i took him back to the airport to watch him leave for japan....  guess we had to make up for lost time

My husband was my first and my only! Although I am not his first I dont look at him differently for that. I love him with all my heart, and I could never imagine myself with anyone else. Just thinking about it makes me almost feel sick to my stomach. We are currently going on 8 years this Dec 1st!

my dh is my first husband.  however, i had a grand ole time living the single life before i met him.  i've explored the world, my beliefs, and my body (often with help!)/WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/biggrin.png 

The only thing I know is that I know nothing at all. (Socrates)

The Hubby was my first. But I was not his.

well... i was together with somebody before my husband - so he was not my first... but in a way he was because he was the first i truly loved, the first i wanted to feel so close to me and the first i said I LOVE YOU to with all my heart.

so yes... i see him as the first and the one and only... he is and he always will be

"My night has become a sunny dawn because of you." --Ibn Abbad I love my Airman...

My Husband Was my First and I was his and We have only been Married for almost 10 Months Now but we Met eachother Our Freshmen Year in High School and started dating our Jr. Year.

Yes my Hubby is my 1st last n only n Im proud 2 say it.......... 143 Baby!!!/WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/redlips.png

I met my husband when I was 15. He was my first, but I was his second.  We dated for 2 yrs and broke up. We both dated other people during that time and then we got back together and have been together ever since. The guy I was with I had been friends with for years. My husband and I have been together for 16 years now. I don't like that he was with other people since the last girl he cheated on me with and that is why we broke up. So I think the only reason I went with someone else is becuase he did and I was very young.

Daisypath Next Aniversary Ticker husband is the first man to see beauty in my flaws, he is the first to know and say that i was greater than what i had allowed myself to belive i was,he is the first and only man i have felt at ease to just be myself,he is the the only man who's arms have comforted me and whose fingers have wiped away my tears with a loving touch,he is the only man who i find safety and solace with,he is the first man who has turned my mind on with his mind, he is the only man with which i have deeply and truly loved and i for him. there are many first 's that come with love .......

life is not measured by the breaths we take instead it is about the moments that take our breath away.....he still takes my breath away.

Neither one of us is each other's first. We have both been with other people, but both my kids are his. and he doesnt have any kids by anyone else.

i'm like you scoutswife... he was my first and only, and me his first and only.... we are a rarity.
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Haha, nope...I didn't sleep with many people before him but I did enjoy my single life

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Well my ex husband was my frist... and i dont regret it...and i am Surely not Jonathans first... ive only been with about 4 people my entire life... him its so high its disgusting.... but we've put all those in the past we only want to be with one another... both of us agree the intimacy we have with each other is unlike anyone in our past... including my ex husband and his ex wife.  So it doesnt bother me... actually hahaha i had gotten tested 2 weeks before he came home so we could go togetehr when we got back to pick up the results and i had him tested too so i could feel ok with sleeping with him. Of course we both came up clean =).

all that matters is that we are together now... and with noone else.

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My husband is not my first, and I'm not his. I had my first when I was 16, and I was the first girl my first husband slept with.

*closes eyes and clicks heels together, as if Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz* I love my life, I love my life, I love my life... *opens eys, and stops clicking heels* Ok, it has its moments where it could be better... But I love something about my life! baby

Nope not at all, I got married to my DH at 32 and had my son when I was 23! so I did have others before my husband, he doesnt think any less of me because of that, he had others before me and I dont see it as a big deal....I mean come on we all had lives before we met our husbands and not all of us got married at a young age...
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I didnt mean that in a sarcastic manner were one of the fortunate ones, not all of us were lucky enough to find Mr Right at 18 some of us had to kiss a lot of frogs before we met our prince.  I never ever thought I would get married because I enjoyed being single but then I met DH and that was it for me, although I had other men in my life, he is the only one that I want to be with for the rest of my life, so I honestly dont think it matters if youre husband was your first, second or 50th! all that matters is taht once you take those vows and put that ring on your finger, he is forever your one and only....
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we were each other's first. been together 4 years married one of those years. And we're stuck with eachother. I don't think i could fiind another man who'd put up with my insanity lol


Not even close. Ha ha ha. We both got an early start in the sex department and were very premiscuous teenagers and young adults. We are both faithful in relationships though.


We met right before we married so we didn't know each other during our "casual years". /WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/happy.png

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HUbby and I met in a Catholic University, he was studying Astronomy and I was studying Nursing. He was going to be a monk and I was going to be a nun, so yes, we were our first ones and 12 years later we are still together. He's my first and only!

My hubby & I have been married for 7yrs & is my first and only...we met when I was 16 & he was 18 & married as soon as I turned 18 (barely legal lol). Unfortunately, I'm not his first...but I'm his second...she was one of those high school flings I guess....we met after he graduated high I'm sure if we went to the same school & met there, I would have been his first too. But everything happens for a reason!
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My hubby is my first and only.. we met when we were 22 and waited til 23.. I am not his first but it doesnt bother me much! Im glad I waited!

yes he is my first and last . we have two kids and were planning on being together forever.

This is my second marraige and i have 2 sons from my previous marraige. He has a son from a previous relationship... so, no, obviously we're not each others "firsts". I'm also 7 years older than he is, i'm 33 and he's 26. He's been with plenty of other women and i've had my share (of men) also. We don't know each others "numbers". We really dont feel it's each others business what happened in the past. However soon after we started dating, we both went in for all the std tests, and then again six  months after that just to be safe. Im actually glad that he knows what's out there, that way he doesint get curious or wonder what he's missing. He's let me know that he is VERY happy with me in this department, and im real happy with him too!!


My sweetie is not my first and I'm not his

But he is definately No1 and we find different things that only the two of has shared together/WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/happy.png

I tip my hat to you all that found love the first time around as for me I had to go around the block 4 times ( I must have been on the wrong block the first 3 times) LOL

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My spouse is my first but not my only. I was not his first but his first was pointless. I was fourteen and he was 15 and now he is 20 and I'm 18 and we got married after he came home from boot camp.. I have never been happier but I know that with the military, I will have a rough road ahead with him. I am glad he was my first because it was very special, but to be honest it was the best thing I have ever done.

My husband is not my first. I was married before and like others have said, it was a train wreck and then some. I had 3 beautiful girls from my first marriage, so I guess in some way it was worth all the fuss. It's funny, the first time with my husband was like my first time all over again (but without the pain.) We have been together for 4 years, married for 3 and I definitely can't see myself with anyone else. Kuddos to those who have been with only one person. Now days that is a rarity.
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My husband is the only guy I ever dated. He had several girlfriends, but we are definitely each other's first and only's. I honestly cannot imagine being with any other guy. I've watched my friends go from guy to guy and I'm so glad I got it right the first time!


i kinda have the same thing as your friend, although i was not his first. He was my first, i was not his, we broke up like 4 years ago for like 2 months and he had sex with one not that i care anymore, but i did 4 years ago. haha


My husband was my first and only.  I was not my husband's first and it bothered me for a bit.  He and I did not wait until our wedding night, but I was glad that I waited until I found the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  I know that I am in the minority, having waited until I was 30, but for me it was certainly the right decision.

I have been married 23 years and can happily say that we have only been with each other!!!

My husband was not my first but is my last and only I  enjoyed being with diff man and seeing what I liked and in the end I have what I like and will never need anyone else you cant imagine if you never have been wiht any one else but lucky for you but not all of us get that.

not really sure where this should go. this is my first marriage, am new to military life as well. we married about a year in a half ago. I was crushing on him while we were in high school although we never dated. he was always with someone else. after about 3 or 4 months of dating we decided that it was right to and get serious. it felt completely right to both of us although a lot of our friends told us that we rushed it and that i/ we did it on the spur of the moment and so i could get out of my grandmas house which i had lived with since i was 2yrs old.  my husband was my first marriage and first i had sex with but hasn't been my only. the other guy and i were "needing" some and weren't getting any from our spouses, both of us were a little disappointed after the first time. for about 5 or 6 months now- my son is almost 5 months- i have felt that my husband has been distant from me. have been times that he has been avoiding me, doesn't talk to me a whole lot etc..... he is very loving and caring when he put his mind to it and give me the attention that i/ we need. with in the last couple week to a month this marriage hasn't seemed like a marriage to me and kinda doesn't seem right anymore. keep in mind i loved this guy with all my heart and i still do have feelings for him but, i just dont know what to do.the other guys is married and has a 9 month old kid of his own. and yes i do have feelings for him, but at this point and not talking to him yet about any of this, i dont think he would get a divorce from his wife now. i have had mixed feelings for about the last couple weeks as what to do and towards each of these guys. has anyone been in anything like this? have any thoughts or ideas on what to do?



I am not be numerically specific, but I was wild before I met dh, so he isn't my first. Plus, I am not his either(i'll come right out and say it for him--he was a whore! LOL) Now, I cannot imagine being with anyone else, even though I was. it is almost like the others were mentally erased! LOL Now, when I meet one of his old flames, he gets so tickled because I am a JEALOUS woman and I would love to filet any women who ever even looked at him! LOL I found out last week he used to get lap dances at a strip club before we met, and let me tell you, i wanted to march right down there and punch those girls in the nose!  LOL

I was a pretty wild woman before I met my husband, needless to say he was not my first partner (we met my senior year of college..) but I am his second partner, he was in a bad, BAD relationship for 3 and 1/2 years. We are each others first and only souses though! Yay!

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I was and am Dh's one and only. he was not mine but he says he is. All the stuff that happend b4 him doesn't count. He willl be my last tho I can assure you of that . He gave me his virginity and I wish I could have given him mine. But its not something we dwell on. CONGRATS TO YOU tho that is awesome,

For ever,for always,and even after that

Hubs was not my first as someone said u have to kiss some frogs to find a prince. But I was his first on just about everything (hehehe i got a sheltered one!) But he will be my only and I will be his till death do us part
For ever,for always,and even after that

I wish my husband had been my first. I was with a huge mistake for 4 years before I met him and of course was young and nieve. If I could have gotten that back for my husband I would have. As far as he is concerned... that's a whole different story. He went in the military at 18 and was stationed in Japan, Italy, and Germany all long before we met. When I made the mistake of asking (and making him tell me) how many women he had been with I wasn't expecting such as high number. I can't hold it against him, he was a young army GI stationed in forgein countries. We are each other's first and this will be the only marriage. We knew we were meant to be together after our first date and we have been together ever since.

My Hubby was my first and only!! Im so proud to say that....:/WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/biggrin.png


i have been married to mu hubby for 6 years and he was my first, but i wasnt his.

I really respect that your life turned out that way; but I really don't appreciate the "it just doesn't seem right" line. Ouch. But it is mostly because there was one man before my husband and had a dear friend tell me that my marriage would never truly mean anything because I wasn't a virgin before I married Brian. So kudos for you, you must be proud and you should be proud because that really is a wonderful thing to be able to say, and I say that with true sincerity. But still; ouch.
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Yes Well sorta. I was raped when I was very young, but I dont count that. I was dh's first, and he was mine by choice.

ClaudiaJoy, I'm with you. I don't think this question is relevant at all. Just a way to compare morals. Or rather, look down your nose at those without the same morals as you.

Yes My Husband was my first and he will be my last. I was engaged to another guy before I met my husband and I was totally disgusted at the thought of being intimate with him. After about four months of being engaged to him (he was my first boyfriend and college swetheart) we broke things off and I have never heard from him again. When my husband and I met, we worked together at the time, oh the chemistry!!!  Ever since our wedding night its been absolutely great and I desire NO ONE ELSE! He has the same attitude as well. Although he has been with one other person, it does not affect us. He realizes that I was the only one meant for him and he is the only one meant for me.


Not my first in either marriage or sex. Previous marriage and relationships. I'm 6 yrs older then he is as well. I have to say though, he is the first and ONLY man that has been romantic and actually LISTENED to me when I say/said things. I agree with the others that said that the past experiances that lead up to us getting together and marrying are what needed for me to see that he was the man for me. I needed to know my own mind so that I would know he was the man for me.


I do applaud ALL of you that your spouse was your first and only. That is like so many said, so very rare. You were fortunate enough to have that very special experiance. *BIG hugs*

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I'm with you scoutswife. My husband is my only one and always will be. Maybe it's because of my strict upbringing in a Baptist Church, but I just couldn't imagine ever being with anyone else but him, my soulmate.

nope there were plenty prior for both of us.

reading this is cute, but i wonder what do YOU consider your first, b/c technically  in my case my first ever was my ex raping me, so im sure you understand why i refuse to call that my "first" which leads directly to my husband. he is my FIRST everything- love,sex,marrige,child. and he will be my only. He knows about the rape and i think it kinda makes him happy to know that i count him as my one and only, i know it makes me happy lol.


"one lifetime aint enough for us"

My husband and I have been together since I turned 15. I am 21 now and he is my first and only and he has only been with one other girl. He is my first everything, except kiss. I'm so glad he's the only guy I have ever had sex with! I wouldn't want it any other way!


Me and my husband were each others first as well.. We also started dating out sophomore year, but we broke up not long after we graduated.. We would always keep intouch.. I actually met someone else and was engaged to him.. But the closer it got to the actual wedding them more I thought about my husband now..  I think I'm one of the people that have to explore the unknown to make sure that I know excatly what I want.. We have been married for only a short time now... But the love is unreal!


My DH was my first we met when i was 15. However we broke up and i was with a couple others then we got back together and   in 2005 we were married. Of course i cant imagine being with anyone else either now HE is my one TRUE love. I guess i was passing time with the others.

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My husband actually was my first, but that was my freshman year in high school.  My teenage years would've been a complete nightmare for my mother had she known anything about them.  My husband and I married a couple years after high school, and we've both been with other people.  I think the best thing that I got from the experience is that I understand that sex is just sex, and that most people aren't all THAT great after you get used to them.  I don't think my husband gained anything, but that's men for you /WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/tongueout.png

My husband is my first. But he as had others and a child from a previous marriage, but i still love him and as long as I know that there will never be another person except me I'm ok with him having others before me. He did have a life before we met.

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no I have only be with about three people my whole life i am only 22

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Is your spouse the first person you had sex with? And if so is he the only one? I ask because I went to lunch with a friend yesterday and she is the same age I was when I had my second child and she is due with her second. Anyway we were talking and she asked me how long my hubby and I have been married and I said this coming up March it will be 15 years. I said we have been together since our sophomore year in HS( almost 18 years total ). I said he was my first and I was his and we are each others only ones nobody in between. She said her hubby and her were each others first however they broke up for a while and then of course married a few years later and have had others in between. I can't imagine being with anyone other than my husband, it just doesn't seem right.

Nessa SSGT wife wrote:
Nope not at all, I got married to my DH at 32 and had my son when I was 23! so I did have others before my husband, he doesnt think any less of me because of that, he had others before me and I dont see it as a big deal....I mean come on we all had lives before we met our husbands and not all of us got married at a young age...
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Yes alot of us had lives before we met our husbands, I was just wondering how many were in the minority thats all. I am almost 35 and I have only had sex with my husband and he only with me so we are in the minority.


Yeah hubby was my first and only. Im not his only or first and Im ok with that. I think its great that theres more than a few that can say their spouse was their first but it seems like some of you ladies like to turn your nose up at others because of it, and thats not cool. Everyone is different and has taken diff paths, we're not any better than them because we've only been with one person. Come on, get real...../WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/wink.png


I am only 23 and my husband is only 22. We were 22/20 when married and 21/19 when we started dating. I was engaged at 16 (dumb I know) and then after breaking up with him at 18 I got into a serious relationship for about a year. I had sex prior to my marriage and so had he. He doesnt look down upon me for it nor do I him. But he does give me hell when we are arguing, he brings up the fact I have had more partners than he has. But I dont take offense from it, we all have a history some are just cleaner than others. Now I couldnt see sleeping with anyone besides him, but this is now and that was then.

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No...this is a second marriage for both of us but he is my one and only.
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my hubby was my first, but im not his first.

I love my man with greasy hands! 1st Armored Mechanic's Wife

Mama2cailleigh wrote:
I am not be numerically specific, but I was wild before I met dh, so he isn't my first. Plus, I am not his either(i'll come right out and say it for him--he was a whore! LOL) Now, I cannot imagine being with anyone else, even though I was. it is almost like the others were mentally erased! LOL Now, when I meet one of his old flames, he gets so tickled because I am a JEALOUS woman and I would love to filet any women who ever even looked at him! LOL I found out last week he used to get lap dances at a strip club before we met, and let me tell you, i wanted to march right down there and punch those girls in the nose!  LOL
I'm in the same boat because my husband wasn't my first but, he was my second. And I'm 28. Which in this day in age is good. At least I think. However he was a playboy before so it makes me very self conscience. It is kind of intimidating.I once heard it's nice to be each others first becuase you learn together but, I don't believe I agree.I wouldn't take my first back either, I learned so much from that relationship.I just wish he had the same number as I do. I'm very jealous as well,But working on it. He's my first and only Huband though.LOL. Were actually Newly weds.After 5 years of off again,on again relationship.

The comment, question or statement above is not meant to be offensive or arguementative.It is simply advise and meant for your enjoyment or is a recommendation. Don't enjoy debating so please don't. Love is kind,continue and rewind- statement by me.


hes is not my 1st, my 3rd married at teh age of 19, but I am his 1st..and sometimes it makes me feel bad that he was not my 1st like i have done a bad thing in my past. but none the less we are going strong =]

Loving my soldier

I agree i don't think of him any different and he doesn't think less of me because he wasn't my first,i mean we'll be each others only for the rest of our lives and that's all that should matter in my opinion.

Yes, My husband was my first and only. We got married when i was 18.

I wish!

No, but we were each others first kiss... in middle school.  Then we went our separate ways and got back together after high school.

He's absolutely the only one who matters though.


Yes he was my first and only, But im not his first

*Sherry Ann*

I was married before, needless to say that was a train wreck. My dh and I had only been with our pervious spouses. We dated for a year and waited to make love on our wedding day. I dealt with alot of guilt not waiting prior to my first marriage. It took a while for me to forgive myself for not waiting as I had wished to do. So when DH and I met we were very open with eachother that our wishes were to wait till marriage. A lot of people said well it's your second time around and pushed at us there was no need to wait.  Dispite what others thought we knew our hearts desire and we waited it was worth it.
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My husband was my first and only.  I was definitely not his first or only.  We have been married 19 years and I believe that I am my husband's "last". /WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/happy.png

My wife and I have been married for 26 years -  I know I was her first (and hopefully only - lol) - She was my second - my first was in the front seat of a pickup after a Christmas Dance.  I would not even want to have relations with anyone else - it is far too dangerous - as well as just plain stupid for me.  She allows me to look - just don't touch.  If I did touch - she says to bring her home to help with the housework - lol.  She has been in the Air National Guard since she graduated high school - almost 30 years.  She had one short time of retirement - she retired 3 weeks before 9-11.  Retirement did not last long.

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Unfortunately he was not my first..We dated for about a month and then broke up. That is when i met my ex. I was 15 and he was 18 and kinda got guilted into it. I've regretted it ever since then and so has my hubby (our break up was due to something he had done).  Hubby and I got back together a year later and have been together 11 years now!!!  He is my second and I am his 3rd.  His first was a 32 year old woman who took advantage of him when he was drunk and past out at a party when he was 16. (Which is why we broke up the first time)  He had 1 girlfriend he was with after that.  He regrets the others and has said he wishes he could go back and change what happened the first time so we would have never broken up and we would be each others only.

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