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spouse dies can i still live on base?

 this is branch specific and most allow the surviving spouse 12 months grace period.

 thanks, that is what I thought, too

 hypothetical question

If the spouse dies while deployed and is killed in action, can the surviving spouse still live on base, in base housing, etc???

I was told at a briefing that if anything (god forbid) was to happen to my husband that they will allow you to live on base for a year and then you would have to move. Find the center on base like the Airman and Family Readiness Center..(information centers) and talk to them about your questions and concerns. They are there to help and always have tons of info about things like these.

I am not for sure on this, but I believe I've heard that they would get a transitional period like a year or two to get everything sorted, but I believe they would then have to move off base. It probably varies by service though, since we all can't seem to do the same thing!

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It will depend on the location they can allow it up to a year if it is in the US, overseas in a foreign country then a lot shorter.

I think, for all branches, if your spouse dies you are entitled to 365 days of BAH or on-base living.

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