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Sent his package to wrong address

I sent my husbands package to the wrong APO/FPO address in the states but I meant to send it to one oversees. I did manage to get the zip code correct. Do you think he will eventually get it or will it be returned to me? Who else has done this?

He gave me the address to an APo address in the states but had the right zip. It is ae. Like you said I didn't put a country or anything just the address. It's been almost a 3.5 weeks and the postman said he should get it within ten day of when I sent it. I guess we will just have to wait it out and see what happens. 


 A tip for the future, as I had to learn this the hard way, is to always, always, always have your package insured AND save every receipt they give you. Then you can at least get your money back if it is lost or something is broken.

If you put APO or FPO and AE along with the right zip then there wasn't a mistake on the address.  Those in the US get FPO/APO addresses as well and sometimes the address will not change at all when they do deploy.


Sometimes though packages can get lost along the way, put on later or things like that so it could take a month or even 2 to get to him. Depending on where it is going through. 

 What is the mistake?


There is no FPO/APO station overseas, there is 3 in the US - AP is in San Fran (or it could be in LA by now); AE is in New York; and AA is in Miami.   It will depend on where he is stationed out of to what state is needed.  AP covers West Coast, Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, etc... AE covers East Coast, Europe,  etc.. and AA covers some Southern States (FL at least), Caribbean, and South American, etc.. It is processed through that location and then goes overseas to where the person is.  So if you had the right state & zip then it should be fine.  You never put the country it is going to like Afghanistan, Germany, Japan, etc... it is all a US address. 

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