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Deployment Date Uncertainty Making Me Crazy

I feel your pain, my DH's deployment date has been changed numerous times. It is so frustrating. Especially when they say it is being pushed right and I get excited that I will have more time with him and then they change it right back to the earlier date. I know the army changes plans on a moment's notice, but even when you are used to it it's still hard to deal with at times. Your DH will be able to get out of his apartment when he needs to by giving them a copy of his orders like phoenix said but I hope you are able to get decent airfare and go see him. I know the time together before deployment is precious and you need something to hold you over while he's gone.
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I know your frustration as well. My husbands date was changed 3 times and he ended up leaving earlier and didnt get his orders till about 6-7 days before he even left..he left 2 days after christmas. Just try to hang in there! Like has already been said...the military does what they want to do and you just have to try and make the best and most of it. 

Try not to stress too much. The military does what the military does and you'll make the best of whatever information you have. If you can take the leave by presenting the orders, you will have a copy of the orders before he goes and it will likely be in enough time for you to utilize it. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act will protect him in his lease with the apartment if he gives them written notice and a copy of the orders. Here are the terms: (1) LEASE OF PREMISES- In the case of a lease described in subsection (b)(1) that provides for monthly payment of rent, termination of the lease under subsection (a) is effective 30 days after the first date on which the next rental payment is due and payable after the date on which the notice under subsection (c) is delivered. In the case of any other lease described in subsection (b)(1), termination of the lease under subsection (a) is effective on the last day of the month following the month in which the notice is delivered.


 Yeah, that sounds like a crappy thing to not know. In regards to the apartment though, I would think the apartment leasing company cannot penalize him because of the military clause. Make sure they are aware of it, and mark one thing off your list to worry about. I hope it all works out so that you can take your leave and spend some time with him. Good luck!

For many unavoidable reasons, my husband and I have had to live geographically separated for the past two years. Now he is slated to deploy and I am losing my mind because we can't get any good information about the date. One day it's going to be middle of March...the next day they say no, not till early April...then it's back to March...and no orders issued yet either way. I am going NUTS! I want to take FMLA leave from my job to be with him before he deploys, but I can't get that leave without a copy of his orders. I want to make travel arrangements while I can still get a decent airfare--but I have to have at least a ballpark estimate of his ship date so I don't end up traveling too early or too late. He has to give a certain amount of notice on his apartment--but he'll end up without a roof over his head if we guess wrong on the date. I don't know what to do! I'm so stressed I go around feeling like I'm going to throw up all the time.

They are still jerking us around--but at least we have what is reportedly a reliable *window* of dates now. But we ended up putting stuff in storage sooner than we needed to, due to the uncertainty, and will be sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a week. That's trivial compared to just being able to spend as much time together before he leaves, I know. But it's heightened the stress of an already stressful time, and with the latest headlines from Afghanistan--well, I'm a wreck. Just trying not to show HIM that, so that I can send him off with love and fall apart after he's out of sight.

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