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I Heart My In-Laws

My in-laws are amazing too! My DH and I got married in Dec. of 2010, and in Feb. of 2011 my in-laws flew down to help my daughter (who is not my husband's biologically, but my in laws forget that all the time and she's a member of the family) and me across the country from Texas to Maryland. They even drove the U Haul while my daughter and I took a plane! And now, my DH is in S. Korea and we've been living with them for almost 7 months with no fights or problems. I get along with my mother in law better than my own mother! I am so glad that I'm not the only one with truly wonderful in-laws

I love my in laws as well i stay over like 2 3 nights a week just to hang out while my husband is in training i always have fun with them they are super nice and great im actually going to see a movie with my sil today we constantly have baking days and we do fun stuff like go out to eat to museums out shooting shopping

I love my in-laws as well! I even live with them right now while my hubby is deployed. My husband and his family are all super close and I love that he is a family man. My parents are the greatest and I'm lucky if I can go a month without my mother turning into a complete demon on me. I feel bad for my husband because I got the amazing in laws and he didn't. But none of my sister-in laws get along with my mother. His parents have been amazing and even fought with my parents over how badly they treat me. I do admit sometimes though I want to ring their necks just because I am so used to being on my own with my husband and not used to living with others. And sometimes they get a tad annoying, but I know I can do that too and know they mean well and their heart is in the right place but they want to be my parents while he is gone and I need more independence than that. They are great with giving me my space and if I need to vent about them they let me to them! I love them to death and would be lost without them!!


 Love this


I've been with my hubby since we were both 15, so my MIL is truly a mother to me.  She is wonderful.  And even though we're totally different culturally, we can have both our families come together for something peacefully, thank God.  We are blessed in this aspect, and I am so thankful. 

I see so many negative posts about in-laws in this forum, so I just wanted to share a little bit of happiness. It just blows my mind hearing stories about in-laws acting very badly. I can't even imagine how stressful that would be. I've been very blessed I guess to never have had terrible in-laws. I've been married twice and both times my in-laws were great.

Anyway, my husband is currently deployed. Our 8 year wedding anniversary was on the 2nd. I just got a card in the mail yesterday from my MIL, and it almost had me in (happy) tears because she wrote something to the effect of she sure it's hard not having him there to celebrate with me, but she's grateful to have me for a daughter-in-law and that she's proud of both of us and a reminder that if I need anything, just call. How sweet is that? They live a few states away, so it's not like I could just call and say "Hey I need help with this and that", but it is nice that they always offer. Actually I did take them up on it once shortly after my husband left...but I had advance notice that I was gonna need someone to watch my kid for a couple days while I went on a TDY, so I called and asked if they could come up for a few days, and they did. (Hubby and I are both military).

I'm glad to hear others have good relationships with theirs as well. It makes all the difference in the world I'm sure. I can't imagine having to spend holidays or whatever with hostility in the air. Of course it was a little awkward when I was first getting to know them, but so far, his whole family is a hoot. I feel pretty blessed.

So glad to hear that you have wonderful inlaws! I am not super close with mine because my husband isn't, but I have no complaints either. They are kind and supportive. 

That is excellent that you have such a wonderful relationship with your in-laws. My husbands parents are (and have been, for a long time) divorced. I've always had a wonderful relationship with his father but his mother has always been a tough one. I always thought of her as a monster and can sadly relate to so many posts on these forums in regards to her. I never in my life thought our relationship would improve. Countless battles and fights and drama.... But suddenly things changed and our relationship has begun to improve after so many years of her crappy crap! I am thankful for that and was able to put aside everything she put us through... though I am always on guard with her. I hope that the future relationships that others have can eventually do the same! It is an amazing experience when you have love and support from your in-laws...

No worries, you're not alone! I love my in-laws. They are like my family (before they were even in-laws!).  I talk to my MIL very often (at least 3 times a week). She knows pretty much all about everything that goes on. DH father is in Afghanistan, so we don't get to talk to him as often, but we are all still close. I'm glad there are other spouses who like their DS family.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

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