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Fear of being alone

My DH is leaving for basic on 6/26 and I am moving back home with my parents the same week. We decided to move me home since we keep hearing that I may or may not be able to accompany him for AIT, it's for 28 weeks after basic.

My question is does anyone have tips on being apart for so long? This is the first time in our 4 years of marriage that we have been apart. I will be moving back in with my parents and I am going to try and get a job, but in the current job climate that might be hard. Any advice for not going crazy?

When my fiance was deployed I just kept myself busy. I tried to do the things that I didnt get to do when he was home. Like eat the foods I like but he doesnt and hang out with girlfriends. I redecorated the house and took up a couple hobbies. It was surprising how much all those little things helped. Good luck and God Bless :)


i like to think of time away from hubby as self improvement time. further develope current hobbies, experiment and find new hobbies. make a list of books and movies you have been meaning to check out. it's a good idea to get a job, even if it is just part time. this gives you a chance to interact with other people and put some money away. i like working out more when the hubbys away. i play with the wii quite a bit too. since you are living with your parents, helping around the house is a way to stay busy while helping them out. have a new recipie night with the folks. if you like it then you have something new for the hubby when he gets back. of course i have to say i would probably be going crazy if i didn't have my husband's cat as a constant shadow around the house. pets are good companions. i have one rule though. no matter how busy i get, i am allowed one day a week to go out of town and have a bit of fun, with friends or by myself. the point is to get out. no fun makes me mopy.

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