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Do you think?

I don't know enough about the topic to give an opnion yet, but will do more research......very  interesting topic though Trish!

This is a weird debate topic but....

In reading the news today I saw that a Chinese dissident got the Nobel Peace Prize for his works with human rights in China.  The Chinese government is an uproar because they don't feel a prisoner should get a prize.  Here is one of the articles:

After reading the article it got me thinking, with all that's been going with China and how they 'operate' does anyone else (besides me) feel or think that China can or would start another world war?

If they did what are your feelings on it?

I know this is a difficult topic considering what we have going on in Afghan/Iraq, but to me, this seems like the perfect opportunity for China to start something, especially with the US occupied (and many of our allies) in other countries.  I have this feeling that China would take advantage of the limited resources we and other countries have (due to dealing with other foreign relations ) and begin plowing through those they don't like.

I don't know, it just got me really thinking.  China is one of the last few communist countries and they have lots of money and ways to do some serious damage.  Is anyone in the world prepared if China does retaliate?

Some food for thought for the day...

Besides the boards needing excitement, its just something I've thought about over the last several months, especially since we hear more and more about China.  Even the comments China makes in the article I attached about the Nobel Peace Prize winner can lead someone to wonder what China would really do...   

So many are focused on Afghan/Iraq that perhaps they aren't aware of what else is going on in the world that could potentially affect the U.S.  Many are worried about our own nation (i.e. economy, etc) that maybe they aren't considering other things around us that could harm us.

If anything maybe this post will get people thinking.... and I don't know reading... LOL

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