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PCSing to Kadena AFB Okinawa Japan

    This is our first over seas move. We are really excited and looking forward to going, but there seems to be little to no information that my husband has been able to find out for the actual move. When do the trucks come to move our stuff, are there forms to fill out with that, how do we estimate the weight of our stuff....we are suppose to fly out in Feb some time. I like to be prepared, schedule and organize a lot and I am trying to do so as much as I can, but I can't seem to find any agency on base that can answer any questions or has any check list, do's or not to do's kind of things.

Any idea's on who to talk to or any advice at all would be great! Any good online resources, blogs, ect? Thank you so much for your time!



Get your overseas screening done ASAP!! I am STILL stuck in Texas because my paperwork is STILL in pending because I got put on EFMP. I am supposed to go to kadena as well by Nov 30th.


Oh, and I can also answer some stuff for you if you plan on moving some pets with you. My advice, get that started now as well.


A sponsor is supposed to be assigned to your spouse and they're supposed to answer any questions you might have.

Hang on, I wanna try something!

We are Marine Corps, but we are in Okinawa. You need to go to transportation and schedule a time for the movers to come. They'll pack your house up for you. It'll take a couple months for all your stuff to get to Oki, so keep that in mind. I don't know if it's different in the AF, but we were only allowed a limited amount of weight, many of our things were put into storage, paid for and moved by the military. They say to estimate 1000 lbs per room as far as weight goes. Better to overestimate, you don't want to end up paying. If you have any questions about Okinawa, send me a message. I'm pretty familiar with Kadena.

Check out my blog!

We too are moving to Okinawa at the end of this year. I don't even know where to begin. We are about 8 months out. It seems like there is so much to do, but I don't know when or where to start. I would love any helpfull hints.



You should be assigned a sponsor.  That is your first person to give you information on this move and a packet of booklets on what to expect.  There is a website for Kadena AFB that you need to go to that will help answer a lot of your questions.

This second website will take you to 18th Services.  Explore this website for things that are available on Kadena.  You can look for jobs, places to eat, shopping facilities, etc.  If you have a pet you are transporting, this next website will tell you everything you need to do.  Hope this helps you. 

Get with your sponsor now.  It's not too soon.  Good Luck.



Everyone's post are pointing you in the right direction. I was stationed at Kadena in the early  90s and LOVED IT!!!!!!

Good Luck! Oh and you will not need sweaters

Be sure to look at also! 


There are over 2500 members on the site cover all of the bases in Japan.  A wealth of information and people that are in Japan already that can help.


The sponsorship program is good, but JB can fill in some holes the sponsor may not know.


Good luck!

Do you have pets?


The import requirements for pets into Japan is pretty, um, interesting...  There is a 6 month "quarantine" period (all of which can be done in the states) and TONS of paperwork involved.  Shoot me a message if you've got furry kids, I can get you pointed in the right direction.

You need to schedule an appointment with the transportation office at your current location. DO NOT leave until they've answered all your questions about the move.  Even if the person sitting across the desk is completely unhelpful, they need to find the information for you, don't let them say they aren't sure and move on.

This should be covered in the appt, but the movers will send a representative out to your apt/house before the movers come to personally walk through your property and estimate how much you have.  

You'll get an Unaccompanied Baggage/Express shipment separate from your regular shipment which will supposedly only take 30ish days to get there. The weight is minimal and just necessities are supposed to be put in it.  ASK details of that as well.

Lastly, I've done 8 overseas moves.  Ziploc baggies are your best friend.  Get all different sizes. Blankets, towels, etc. can go in the super big ones.  Spices, candles, etc. can go in the smaller ones.  And rubbermaid totes, you can pack crafts, office supplies, holiday decor, etc. so it all stays together.

Have fun!

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