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TDY En Route Questions

This is my postition exactly, only two years later. My fiance is currently at SERE. He's stationed at Corpus Christi. We are hoping to get PCS to Little Rock, since we will be getting married while he is there. His C-130 training at LR is suppose to be 5 months long. My main question is timing - how long did you spend at Albuquerque? He hasn't gotten those dates yet since they are after the start of the new fiscal year. My fiance has heard that the training at Kirkland might be one month to eight months. 

We did a TDY enroute to LR a few years back and we just completed a TDY enroute to Kirtland in November. 


In LR, there is an apartment complex not far from base, called The Links.  Most TDY enrouters stay there and you can get a furnished apartment there.  We didn't have children at that time and so we split the apartment with another person to make it work with the lodging allowance.  We just got a 2 bedroom and it worked out fine.  But I've heard of a lot of people getting their own apartment too (and some rent furniture).  I have never heard of the AF reimbursing for rental furniture, but I know your perdiem would cover the basic rental stuff if you went that way. 


Kirtland is a little different.  We were there 6 months and we have a child, so we got a Non-A slip from lodging (because we were on his orders) and the AF paid for a furnished apartment off base.  But we have know of people who had to rent their own apartment off base if they bring their families.  We just got lucky that they didn't have any rooms on base that could accomodate us anyway. 


Good luck!  Let me know if you have anymore questions.  TDY enroutes are always a little confusing.  Just make sure you keep track of ALL receipts and documentation about the TDY. 

My husband and I are going to be TDY en route from Corpus Christi, TX to Little Rock AFB for 5 months, we then will be TDY en route to Kirtland AFB for 3 months, and then we PCS to Cannon AFB. While in Little Rock he will be attending the Schoolhouse for C-130 training. 

We have never done a TDY en route before and my husband just left for SERE so I can't have him ask any of the questions I am having.  So, I was hoping that someone on here has done the TDY en route to Little Rock before and can help me with this.

I have questions concerning per diem, and rental furniture.  I know that we will still be receiving our Corpus Christi BAH and I know that we get per diem while we are there I am just not sure how much it is.  

Also, I have read on several sites that the government will reimburse you for rental furniture when you are on TDY en route, but I just wanted to make sure that is correct before we go out and rent furniture.

They are only allowing us to take 600lbs and I also heard that this weight can not include any furniture.  

So if anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated!!


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