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Houston Texas, I-I Duty......

This is for any of you folks that have  been through an I-I duty and/or know anything about Houston:

What to expect with I-I duty? I do understand that it is with reserve units, but since the entire time my husband and I have been together, we have lived on or near base, this is all new to me. (my husband is still ad)

Any pointers on the Houston area? Recomendations for Dr's (since I believe I saw that we will go to civilian Dr's there even though there is a VA?), including pediatricians and veterinarians. 

Areas to avoid living in (neighborhoods, apartment complexes, etc). And anything else anyone can think of, lol. Thanks ladies and gentlemen, and look forward to some reponses! 

Thanks melleecamp! I think he did say something about CACO  (he is an E6), I know he will be doing funerals themselves, from what we are hearing from others. Toys for Tots would be an awesome thing to be able to be involved in. I will call Tricare South and see if there are any providers in the area that accept it.After looking at a few things, there should be. There seems to be quite a bit of military related things, there, if not an outright base. 

My husband is a Marine and he did 3 years in Wisconsin on I & I duty.  The active duty component for a reserve unit is small and since there is not a base nearby, they will spread out around the area.  That made it more difficult to meet other active duty spouses with the unit.  I just found community things to participate in with my kids and got to know some of the people who lived in our civilian community.  I didn't have any trouble using civilian doctors.  I did have to pay the difference between Tricare's allowed amount and the actual doctor's charge because they didn't accept Tricare.  You will need to find out if any Docs in your area will accept tricare.  Dental was easy because I used the one that alot of the Marines from the unit used and they did accept that insurance.  I don't know your husband's rank, but if he is on the CACO team expect him to be busy at times. They have a broad area for which they are responsible for and any Marine who is killed and had family in that area, they did the notification.   Whenever my husband had to do a notification I wouldn't see him much for the first 2-3 days and then he was still quite busy with all the arrangements and working with the families.  I wasn't very active with the unit and when we were there, the Marine Corps hadn't switched to using paid Family Readiness officers and the family readiness programs weren't as organized as they are now.  Things have probably changed since then.  I did volunteer for the Toys for Tots program.  My husband headed that up and I was able to help  by organizing toys and helping clients get their toys.  It was alot of fun. 

Mel. " is what it is. Suck it up, deal with it and move on."

I am going to be moving to Houston Tx in september of this year and my husband will be on recruting duty so if you need a fellow marine wife please feel free to message =].

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