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Navy family PCSing to Okinawa, Japan


I'm in Oki now...Eight months is pllleennnntttyyy time to do everything you need to do. I pretty much did everything in a month.


On the otherhand, since you are travelling with pets I would start that process soon. Get in touch with the base Vet and they will help you with the process to prep your pets for Okinawa. Pet Stuff - Here is a link that gives you all the information that you need to get your pets ready for Japan. need to start saving money because not only you need it for any travel expenses,but you will need it for a car when you get there, cellphones, and food.


Apply for your travel passports now in case you won't get your no-fee passports in time.


I can't really think of anything else you should do on your own at this point because its still pretty early.

Hang on, I wanna try something!

I would love all the info and help I can get about moving to Okinawa. We are about 8 months out. I feel like I should be doing something, but I have know idea where to start. My husband has been in the Navy for 16 years and this is our first overseas move. But with two kids and two dogs. UGGGG! I have been doing this for a long time but for some reason this move is stressing me out!


Make sure you have a copy of your medical records in case they get lost between where you are now and Okinawa (unfortunately it can happen). Update on all your immunizations, copies of prescriptions (glasses/contacts), etc...

Update all your paperwork such as contact information, Power of Attorneys, where you can go if something happens when there.  


Have your Tourist Passports as well as the No Fee passport so you can travel when you are there.


Save money because you will not get Malt & Per Diem unless you drive for at least 1 day.  you will get TLE up to 3 days stateside then TLA up to 60 days Okinawa.  You will have to pay for the dogs yourself unless you are lucky and get them on the Patriot Express if you are flying that way.  Quarantine fees up to $550 will be refunded but the rest is out of pocket. With you traveling in summer, there can be delays with the heat.


Decide what things you are going to send in Express, what in regular and what you are going to store.  For storage things like Washer, dryer as they are provided for you over there. 


I lived in Okinawa for two years and LOVED IT! The other ladies gave great advice, I would just add to learn about the island, the culture and all the things you can do while living on a island. There are some amazing opportunties afforded on Okinawa. Good luck!

PS If we had orders to Okinawa I would want to leave ASAP!

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