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Hickam AFB, Hawaii :)

we also just got Orders to PCS to Hickam 3 days ago !   Not sure if my husband is going to retire instead though.....We have 2 kids, a dog and a mortgage LOL so we are stressed and trying to weigh up the pros and cons of going versus retiring.  He will have been in 20 yrs so he could get out but another 3 yrs would give us a better pension etc.

i have been all over the internet and keep reading conflicting things about HI,  it's all a bit confusing.  Some say it is paradise and others hate it,  it's a big decision for us !

good luck to you and maybe we will see you there ....

I work at the Hickam commissary and I have to say it is a pretty nice little base.  They are updating all of the housing and there are a lot of things to do on it.   You can get around the island by bus, but it is much easier with one or two cars.  You dont really need to bring both, though.  I would just ship one and buy a used one here.  The lemon lot on Hickam has some really nice cars.  I dont think that it is that much more expensive to have a car here than it is anywhere else.


Gas is kind of expenisve, but there really isnt that far to travel wherever you go, so you probably wont spend that much money.  You can drive the entire island in about 2 hours and that is from tip to tip.


If you are going to live on Hickam base, get your name into housing as soon as you can--also into temporary housing.  I havent been into the temporary housing, but it looks really nice from the outside.  Its within walking distance of the commissary, bx, clinic, etc., and is fairly close to the ocean--like everything else in Hawaii.


If you have any specific questions about the base or anything just pm me, and I will try to find them out for you. 

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." — Marilyn Monroe

 The POV inspection isnt too bad.  Just make sure that your vehicle is reasonably clean and has nothing, and I repeat nothing in it that you are not allowed to take in your vehicle.  You should be able to find a list of everything that you can take in your vehicle in your moving packet.    By reasonably clean, I dont mean it has to be spotless, but it does have to be tidy with no debry.  I just wiped it down and vaccuumed it out.    Leave as little gas in there as you can, because they will syphon it out and the cut the syphon hose off in my gas tank which bent the little flap that covers the tank to stop the gas from leaking back up.   My car is really old.  The sheet was kind of funny because they have to mark down every mark on your car.  It was like a picture of the car with lines all over it.


We got the car within 3 weeks, but some people say that was a world record.  My husband had to go pick it up, but I went with him and was able to drive it home.  They give you a little bit of gas  (and removed the syphon hose out of my gas tank.)  Overall, I would say the process was pretty painless.

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." — Marilyn Monroe

We just found out we are moving to Hawaii ... I cant wait. Does anybody have any ideas about leaving our cars here or buying one when we get there?? I want to travel around the island as much as possible while we are there. My husband is worried about the cost of owning a car when we get there..gas wise. 

Also any other suggestions would be great ! This is my first PCS so I'm clueless..luckily we dont have pets or kids to add to the stress.

What is the base housing like? Storage? Garages?  We currently have a 2bdrm,1ba,1 car garage with an eat-in kitchen.

Will do. As of right now I still know absolutely nothing. My husband doesnt get back from his retraining until next week. We have less than a month after he gets home to get everything in order and actually move to Hawaii.

We were stationed at KBay for 6 years. You are going to LOVE it there!!! Let me know if I can help with anything! Best of luck!

Hi Sara, I am also moving to Hawaii within the next 90 days. I have lived there once before where I met my husband, but we were not married yet and things were much different. I loved it there and am excited to go back. We are PCSing from recruiting duty and are not near a base, so I'm really trying to find as much information, and advice as possible to make this move smooth without having the Relocation office to advise me. We have PCSed across the states twice before but this will be the first time that we are doing it over seas. I'm curious to find out about what I can expect from the POV inspections and shipment. I'm also nervous because I'm told by the Aloha center that I can not get on the housing list prior to arriving there (we are not in housing now) and finally I'm not even certain as to which website we are to use to set up the HHG move. My browser is giving me a hard time excepting the official Navy websites certificates. So I was hoping you could share some of your tips and other things that you are discovering with the move. 

Thanks in advance, Amrit :0)

If you have a good car in good shape, SHIP IT.  It is far more expensive to buy one here.  Many people go to WA or OR to buy cars and then ship them to Hawaii.  It saves on the cost of the car, taxes, etc.  It more than covers the roughly 1000-1100 to ship.

We just got to Hawaii.  Housing in general is very expensive.  If you can get base housing GO FOR IT!  I am not sure about HAFB, but some bases/posts still have all utilities included with rent so you just pay a flat fee, which is worth its weight in GOLD.  Utilities can get expensive fast. 

Gas is a bit high, but honestly it was higher in southern CA, where we used to live before PCSing to SE Alabama.

The Bus (which is literally what the public transportation is called) is excellent on O'ahu.  It is really nice for going to work, etc. if you just have one car.  Also if traffic is horrid (which it can be) you can read or do other things on the bus during your commute.

Off post housing on O'ahu in general is pretty expensive.  Here is a military site that we were given from Schofield Barracks. (automated housing referral network)  also they use Craig's List a lot, but there has been a rash of crazy Nigerian scams on there.  The Honolulu Board of Realtors has resources within their site for rentals (not just sales)

My personal advice is to have at least one car so you can go when and where you need to and are not completely dependent on The Bus and its schedules.  I am not sure about getting around post without a car.  I do know that many of the other bases and posts have great AAFES/PX  and commissarys (NEX and all the other acronyms that are used) so you will want to be able to travel between the different bases.  AAFES has been having issues with getting in new stock right now, for example, so they are out of a lot of things.  We have been using the NEX at Pearl Harbor (which is actually off base) which is huge and new and well stocked.

OH one other thing, there are sponsored events at some of the local attractions from time to time.  The USO is sponsoring a military appreciation day at the Waikiki Aquarium tomorrow for example.  There are free shuttles going there from many post/base locations.  Free admission, food, entertainment, etc. and free shuttle back.  So be sure to take advantage of all the fun free stuff too.

Fortunately, I used to live in Hawaii many years ago, so my husband has a free tour guide.

Hope this info was helpful.



We're PCSing to Hickam in October - let me know how it goes for  you!

The military will ship one for free for you.  You can get a used car over there if you sell one and ship the other.  That way you have something.  Lots of used car lots on the bases/posts to pick from.  

Newer housing in most places, Hickam was a nice place we always went there. 

Gas is expensive but no more there than what we are paying in Washington State and friends in California are paying.  The cost of living can be expensive but if you shop at the commissaries & exchanges, plus go out to small local places then you should be fine with the COLA.  We did a price comparison when we went from Washington State to Hawaii to So. California and to be honest pretty close.  The sales tax in Hawaii is half of what it is in the other states so some things work out the same. 


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