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Lajes Field, Portugal

 Hi there! I've never been to Lajes so I can't help too much. However, we were stationed in Spain and I did visit Portugal several times. My friend's husband was stationed at Lajes, though. He said it's small but the people are friendly. If you get a chance, definitely travel to Algarve (one of my favorite places, ever!). Best wishes in your move!  /WorkArea/threadeddisc/emoticons/happy.png


I've never actually lived in Lajes however I;ve been on the base and been around the island multiple times since I'm half Portuguese and my family is from there. The area itself is beautiful. The Portuguese are pretty friendly but I would suggest you try and learn Portuguese (at least the basics). If you are used to city life you will be disappointed. But if you are open minded and ready to explore there is plenty to do. My favorite thing are the natural beaches which are rocky but there are man made sandy beaches in Angra. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture the running with the bull is fine to witness however you should be extremely cautious because people do get hurt. However there is a bull ring where they have bull fights that are similar to Spain but in Portugal we do not kill the bull. There are sulfer pits, and volcanos you can visit. Terceria has one of the very few volcanos you can go in and when you can look up you can actually see the lava hole. I think the only other one is in indonesia. Theres also dolphin watching and boat rides. Some areas of the island you can surf as well. I love the island! If you are ready for some culture this is def the place to go! 


 We're headed to Lajes in Nov. Excited, but never been. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Are we allowed to bring our furniture? I read somewhere that base housing comes furnished already. Any info. is welcome!

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