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Priority Placement Program (PPP) - Military Spouse Preference

It doesn't hurt to use the spousal preference but you are still going through the process of trying to find a job.  You are on the list but so are so many others along with vetererans and wounded soldiers who are getting out and they have preference over you along with the experience.  I have heard of people getting hired within a few days but it can take months too.

HELP! I am wondering if anyone could educate me on the Priority Placement Program for military spouses who have just PCS'd or will be PCSing to a new duty station? Is this worth applying for and what are the chances of getting a government service (or equivalent) job utilizing this new method? Are the chances more favorable or do we continue to trudge through the twilight zone of the USA Jobs site?

I recently used the Priority Placement Program when we PCS'd to a new duty station. It took about two weeks to complete the application process and go through the appointment with CPOL but it did give me a big advantage as it allows you the same status as veterans. I was able to obtain a GS job in about 3 months and this program was the only reason why I was able to be selected. You can use it again if you are not hired for a position or choose to accept a temp position. You can also check the option within the CPOL options which states that you are eligible for PPP status. I went through CPOL and still applied for jobs through the CPOL website using this preference option.

Good luck finding a position!!

PPP (Priority Placement Program) is only for current DOD (Department of Defense) employees and can be initiated once your DH receives orders to PCS. You can go on PPP while still working (and waiting for your DEROS). If you haven't had a hit before you PCS, then you go on LWOP (Leave Without pay). Basically, CPAC works to place you in position at your new duty station (they do the "applying" on your behalf - and there's no guarantee, but this doesn't mean you should't be looking too). However, similar to the MSP (military spouse preference) if you don't accept the first thing that comes to you while on PPP, your forfeit your rights and are on your own! This link has more on PPP, MSP and others.


I'm surprised to read that it took some of you two weeks or longer to go through the process.  I applied for a job last month and claimed Spousal Preference and it was a quick process.  It's important to remember too that not every job on posts/bases allows you to use PPP.


Thanks Trish, that's what I thought.  You don't lose spousal preference until you're hired.  So in other words, if you aren't sure about the job when applying and you use spousal preference, then you turn it down because it isn't what you want, you can't use it again until your next PCS.


I just used Spousal Preference for my recent application.  I just filled out the form and enclosed a copy of my husband's orders and my marriage certificate along with the other paperwork for the position.  My understanding of the program is you can claim spousal preference, but if you aren't offered the position, it stays with you to be used again, as opposed to once and done per PCS.  I would check into it later.  I applied for two positions, but spousal preference can't be used for the other position.


Spousal Preference forces the employer to choose you if you are as qualified as the other applicants.  For example, you apply for a position and only you and one other person are qualified.  The employer would have to choose you due to spousal preference unless the other qualified applicant is a Veteran. 


Since it doesn't cost you anything, you should take advantage of it.

I used spouse preference to get my current job and most of the spouses I know did too.

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One and done per PCS as in once you get hired you cannot use it again on a different application.  It used to be only overseas and recently (last few years) they allowed it stateside for up to 2 years after PCS.  But again, once you use it and get hired, you cannot use it again (i.e. if you quit and look for a new job).  You can use it for every application you apply for, but once you get hired, you can't use it again.

Really all spouse preference does is give you a slight advantage over a co-applicant.  If you and another apply for the same job and qualify, they will interview and perhaps hire you over the other individual because of the preference.  Spouse preference doesn't guarantee you'll get a job, but it does give you an advantage.  I recommend utilizing it, but you can only use it once per PCS.

That's correct.  So use it, but use it for jobs you really want to get that you wouldn't potentially turn down.

Priority Placement is used when you apply for Leave Without Pay when you PCS from a duty station. This means that you are already a goverment employee. Spouse Preference is really only a good thing if stationed overseas. For the simple fact that the base is the only place that you will be able to work and in the US you can get a job of the base. Keep in mind also with Spouse Preference, you can also loose it if you turn down a job offer. So if you are offered a job under this then  you need to take it whether you want the job or not. You can also apply for temp jobs on base and keep you spouse preference. You loose it once you get a permanant position. A lot of spouses get into the system by doing temp jobs. It's a great way to get your name out there. When first starting out don't be too selective about the jobs. Your goal is to get hired into a permanant position and then be selective. Good luck.

definitely talk w/ Civilian personnel to get the info about it; w/ the AF,  the Airman and family readiness center usually has a seminar to assist spouses w/ the civilian hiring system every month also take advantages of the resume writing courses....

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