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PCSing to Minot AFB, ND

I know someone in Minot who said housing is terrible, as in there aren't many available and what is up for sale is much higher priced than it should be for what you would get. I am not sure about apartment availability. If it's an option you may want to see if you can live on post.

I hope not to bust your bubble but Minot is a unaccompanied assignement right now.  Due to the floods last year there is a shortage of homes.  By now the AF should have told your husband this and let you know that you can relocate to where ever you want and the AF will pay for your housing there.  Once housing becomes available then you can move to Minot with your hubby.

I have friends that are pcsing there also and they are trying to buy a home so they can still be together.  They are finding out even with a 280,000 budget and only asking for 2 bed one bath that there is no homes that they could get, unless they are flooded homes that need remodeling.   (they have dogs and would like some land and this is not available in Minot right now)

We were stationed there from 08-10 and loved it, did not want to leave. 

I hope you do find something or at least get put on the housing list for on base...

Rita retired and loving it.... Adam my hero husband... Jenni I am so proud of you... Jordan the world is yours for the taking...

Hi I'm currently in Minot AFB, I don't k now about apartments or houses available yet but I have seen some new apartments in construction in Minot, if I know about some available, I'll let you know, good luck!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jess and I am a new AF wife and just joined this site today! My husband got his first assignment to Minot AFB, ND.

Being the planner that I am I started looking into homes for rent or apartments in Minot and there is absolutely NOTHING...any insight from those that are currently there or those who are also PSCing to Minot, would be much appreciated. 

Also, since it's my first PCS any other spouses that want to give advise, I am all ears!


Thank you


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