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husband Just joined the Air force ?

First off, your husband has to recieve his orders or official paperwork saying he is officially in the air force. Then your husband needs to go and get you and your daughter put into deers (which he may have done with the recruiter). Deers is the system that will allow you to get your military ID, health insurance, dental insurance and all the other benefits.

Then you can go to your nearest military installation to get your ID card.

Your husband will leave for boot camp and that is what the 8 weeks is. It is the intial training that he does to get him to act and think like an airman. Your husband will have to go unaccompanied, meaning you wont be able to go with him. You could move closer to him, but while he is in basic he would most likely not be able to see you anyways, so there's really no point. After he is finished with basic, he will go to tech school, this is where he gets his specialized training for his job. Depending on the length of it, you can move to be closer to him. (I think it has to be longer than 28 weeks, in order for the military to pay to move you).

As far as pay and the like: yes, while he is gone you will have to take care of everything. So, the best thing to do is go and get power of attorneys. (Which you can do for free at the legal office at the installation nearest you once you have your id). I would recommend leaving and or changing any shared bills to make sure they are in his name. This will make it easier should you need to break any contracts early when you go to move to his first duty station. He will eventually be recieving BAH, which is what the military gives you to pay rent. You will definately want to hava a joint checking account where his paycheck will get deposited so that you can have easy access to pay everything while he is gone.

Let me know any other questions that you may have!



He  Just joined the airforce. We are a married couple with one little girl, expecting our next.

I was told he has to go to some training/bootcamp type thing for 8 weeks?

Then I would meet up with him. SO yeah.... that`s all the information i got. Fourtunely My husband was so detailed... that`s all he told me.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME! Every website is using so many terms, that seem obviously to everone except me. We live in a apartment, We pay rent, & countless other bills. My husband always took care of. if he is gone for 2 months. Am i responsible for the bills soley?

So any information would be much appreciated.

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