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New Air Force Wife


I am also relatively new to military life. By husband left for basic in November and we have been at our first duty station for 2 months. Since you are new, chances are you and your husband won't get the best duty assignment. The running joke in the military is that your "dream" sheet is called that because it's really a "dream" and not a reality. My husband and I got stationed at Vance AFB in Enid, Ok, and trust me, it was not on our Dream Sheet. My advice to you is to stay positive wherever you may go and make a solid effort to get involved in anything and everything you can. Since we have been here, I have gone to more game nights, barbacues, and other social events ever in my life! I've met some awesome people that I would have never normally approached. We are truly enjoying our time here, and we are definitely making the best of it. No matter where you get stationed, go with an open mind and you may be pleasantly surprised!

Hello and welcome!  Hang on to your hat it's going to be an awesome ride!!  :-)

Hey Yall, 

   Im new to the Military life, my husband will be graduating basic training in 11 days and i cannot wait to see him. We have been married 6 months today! Im 20 and any advice would be greatly appriciated. Thanks :)

Congrats on your marriage and welcome to the military world! Just remember that change is constant, and the best way to get through everything is just go with the flow. What job is he going to be doing?

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